Zandvlei trust

 17th International Cape Town Kite Festival - 22-23 October 2011.

Cape Mental Health are the convenors of the annual Kite Festival at Zandvlei, Muizenberg.

A few photos on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October. The weather was terrible for flying the large kites and had to be abandoned on Saturday afternoon. A very strong NW wind blew most of the weekend. Most previous years have had alternating winds on the 2 days.

Mid morning Saturday these kites were being whipped about.

The bow line of kites were fastened quite low to the ground.

The frog was taking strain.

Who is watching what and who in this photo?

The fish were having fun.

The whales were beached.

The message is there.

The red bee kite has a brother or a sister.

The octopus got off the ground for a short time.

The buzzy bees watching the sea scouts having fun.

The wind was pumping and they could tow the canoe leaving a wake........

......and he could surf the canoe at that speed.

The youngsters being taught the ropes.

It was decision time to see which type and size kite could fly in these conditions.

The match stickmen did not have a problem.

Snoopy was on a short lead.

The flags were really making quite a racket in the wind.


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