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 Spiders - 20 April 2016.

Norman Larson came to give us talk / presentation / demonstration and walkabout at the 
Zandvlei Nature Reserve this evening.
Contact him here or  083 698 1943.


The Environmental Education Centre filling up. It was still light outside.

Norman has arrived and is needing some help to get the overhead projection working.
Muriel Darke, Els Dorrat and Barry Cleveland in the front rows.

The Zandvlei Nature Reserve girls have just arrived back from the Rondevlei Nature Reserve. 
They were part of the team participating in a controlled fire burn of a management block in the
nature reserve.
Here they have fallen into helping set up the evenging presentation equipment.


Sharon McCallum welcoming everybody to the evening event and introducing Norman.

He took us through his introduction to spiders. Then an informative photo presentation on 
spiders found in the general Cape Town area. 
He stressed that spiders have never caused any known medically recorded deaths of human
beings due to biting or spider venom poisoning.

Here he is indicating one of the books as suggested reading along with other locally produced books.

Now for the show and tell. The baboon spiders which he brought along. They are long living spiders
which live in burrows. Some have been known to live for 20 years.

The first and nearest hand who volunteered to hold it.

Sharon with a nervous, brave and amazed smile on her face.

This spider is indicating "I am not to be handled".

This one is a bit more relaxed and approachable. Better to observe it through the glass.

The next volunteer for a feel. These spiders have "pads" on their feet with microscopic hooks
like velco, which enable it to walk on almost any surface.

"Oops where is it going too now?"

"OK, back on top, all is fine."

" I would like a turn please". Slowly transferring from hand to hand.

Norman answering a question from Sharon. Cherry and Boucher Giljam listening with interest.

"Just looking!"

Sue Wishart having a turn.

Then to one of the Nature Reserve Rangers who volunteered for a turn.

Next Ian McCallum was fascinated. Rianne Meats looking on.

"Can I have a turn please?"  The spider was well adapted to handling as it moved around slowly 
and did not appear to be stressed by all the Ooohs and Ahhhs!

This spider was not pleased with all the activity and it was probably past its bed time. 

Eban Human a good friend of Norman relating a story about how the two of them met and started
to work together years ago. He related how they were both athletes in their younger days which took
them on an unusual foot race to areas they fell in love with.

A closer view of the top of the spider walking on Josh Gericke's hand.

Questions and answers with some very amusing and interesting stories included.

He has many facts and figures to pass on. Not only is he interested in spiders, but also the 
Natural History of our world.

Finishing off with the last answer to the many questions before soup and bread.

Then there was soup and a variety of breads to go with it, for everyone. 
Elaine from Upper Crust, Marina da Gama made the wonderful soup which was warming and filling
the room with a delicious aroma.

Peter Kruger nearest the camera enjoying his soup.

The soup tasted even better than the aromas from the hotpot.

We all set off into the dark and found a number of different spider species for Norman to help identify
for us by torch light and camera flashes. Probably more species than anyone expected.

 A very enjoyable evening was had learning about a subject many avoid at all costs.


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