Zandvlei trust

 Catchment Management Water Symposium held at the University of Western Cape - Februay 2000.

The City of Cape Town Catchment Management department under Mark O'Bree, co-ordinated a symposium attended by national, provincial, local government and civil society organisations who work in this field. 
Randall Arendse did a superb job of organising the event.

All the representative bodies had display and or information tables along the corridors around the lecture halls.
It was an all day affair with continuous lectures and presentations on many subjects of interest by specialists and officials in the field of water and catchment management. It was difficult to decide which lectures to attend rushing from venue to venue to be on time.

The Zandvlei Trust display stand we put together for the Symposium, highlighting work we
were doing at that time.

Clifford Dorse, (unknown), Cherry Giljam, Una Hartley front, Joye Gibbs, Vincent Marincowitz,
Gavin Lawson and Konstnza Gerbardt from Zandvlei Trust attended.



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