Zandvlei Trust

Muizenberg East Satelite Conservation Area - Month Reports.

This is a working relationship with the City of Cape Town and Zandvlei Trust.

Monthly Report for August 2011

1. Flora

1.1 Landscaping Soralia

The landscaping at Soralia looks good expect for the dried brush piles that the landscaping team still has not removed and it has been over three months now. The off-cuts from the pathway has been left all over the conservation area as well as thrown into the bushes. I did speak to JP and he will check the site before the handover.

1.2 Landscaping at Sunrise Villas

The landscaped area at Sunrise Villas is in a dire need to be re-weeded. There are a lot of weeds in the area as well as alien vegetation. I did contact the landscaper two weeks ago to address this problem.

2. Fauna

2.1 Amietophrynus pantherinus (Western Leopard Toads)

I went twice a week during the month of August to check when the toads would start to call. I went after 19h30 because that is the time when nocturnal animals start to come out to feed. On the 31st of August, WLT volunteer found two toads crossing the road. One was killed by a car (pregnant female) and the male toad was released into the wetland area. For this breeding season, there was a 50% morality rate, which is not a good sign for the toad population in the Soralia area.

Sighting totals:

Soralia Village

  • 4 x Pternistis capensis ( Cape Spurfowl)
  • 4 x Pycnonotus capensis ( Cape Bulbul)
  • 2 x Corvus albus (Pied Crow)
  • 4 x Estrilda astrild ( Common Waxbill)
  • 2 x Prinia maculosa (Karoo Prinia)
  • 1 x dead Myosorex varius (Forest Shrew)
  • 2 x Sturnus vulgaris (Common Starling)
  • 1 x female Amietophrynus pantherinus (road kill) (Western Leopard Toad)
  • 1 x male Amietophrynus pantherinus ( Western Leopard Toad)

Sunrise Villas Species List

  • 1 x Motacilla capensis (Cape Wagtail)
  • 1 x immature Ardea melanocephala ( Black-headed Heron)

Figure One: Western Leopard Toad

3. Site Inspections and Safety Checks

3.1 Soralia Village

In the bird hide, there is now a bench and arm rest that the landscaper has installed. The pathway has been repaired and there are no nails sticking out.
I did clean the storm water drains from litter as well as a litter clean up in the conservation area, the result was 2 black bags and one tyre removed.

3.2 Water Testing

Water samples were taken at Soralia Village and Villa Dí ALGava. The samples were taken to check the faecal coliforms and E.coli levels in the water. These samples were sent to the City of Cape Town Scientific Services to run the tests. The results from both sites were that the levels were normal.

4. Meetings

I attended the South Managers meeting at Edith Stevens Nature reserve were all the managers and site managers of the South district meet to discuss various issues.

5. Muizenberg East Private Nature Reserve

The brush piles at Muizenberg East Nature Reserve were chipped and a company come to remove the chippings.


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