Zandvlei Trust

Muizenberg East Satelite Conservation Area - Month Reports.

This is a working relationship with the City of Cape Town and Zandvlei Trust.

Monthly Report for February 2011

1. Flora

1.1 Control measures:

  • The Acacia saligana (Port Jackson) that was cleared from the site was chipped by the City chipper machine. The Zandvlei staff and I took three days to chip all the trees.
  • We put the chippings on the Muizenberg East Private Nature Reserve pathway.
  • Petro did pay for the two herbicides that were required for Soralia Village and the clearing will start in March.

Figure 1: Chipper                                               Figure 2: Covered Pathway

2. Fauna


Muizenberg East Private Nature Reserve

  • 1 x juvenile Bradypodion pumilum ( Cape Dwarf Chameleon)
  • 1 x Trithemis furva (Dark Dropwing)
  • 1 x Burhinus capensis chick ( Spotted Thick-knee)
  • 1 x Meroles knoxii (Knoxís Desert Lizard)
  • 1 x Papilio demodocus demodocus (Citrus Swallowtail)
  • 1 x Corvus albus (Pied Crow)
  • 3 x Passer domesticus (House Sparrow)
  • 2 x Burhinus capensis adult ( Spotted Thick-knee)

Soralia Village

  • 3 x Meroles knoxii (Knoxís Desert Lizard)
  • 1 x Rhabdomys pumilio (Striped Mouse)
  • 1 x Pycnonotus capensis (Cape Bulbul)
  • 3 x Francolinus capensis ( Cape Spurfowl)
  • 1 x Prinia maculosa (Spotted Prinia)

Figure 3: Thick-knee chick

3. Site Inspections and Safety Checks

  • Soralia Village

On the 7th of February, I did a Health and Safety check with Zandvlei Health and Safety officer. We noted that there were still nails sticking out of the boardwalk, which Christine did talk to the landscaper about.

During the site inspection for Soralia Village, I noted that the concert pipes were still on the site and there was no cover for the drain. The plants that were cut down for painting the fence was not removed from the site.

4. Management interventions

On the 8th of February, Cassy, Taariq and I did a plant list for Soralia Village. We added about 20 new plants for Soralia Village and we will do another plant list later in the year when the annuals flower.

Water samples were taken for Soralia Village and Villa Dí AlGarve and the samples were sent to Scientific Services (City of Cape Town) for testing.

I did a litter clean-up at Soralia Village and had one full black bag with no recycling items.

5. Meetings and seminars

I attended a seminar at Kirstenbosch and Idea Wild was presenting. Idea Wild is an American company that donates certain items, such as; laptops etc and the items have to be used for environmental research purposes.

I attended a meeting with the trustees of the Home Owners Association for Soralia Village. I briefly explained what my job entails and they voiced their concerns to various matters.


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