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Muizenberg East Satelite Conservation Area - Month Reports.

This is a working relationship with the City of Cape Town and Zandvlei Trust.

Monthly Report for January 2011

1. Flora

1.1 Control measures:

  • On the 25th and the 26th, the Zandvlei staff and I did alien clearing in Muizenberg East Private Nature Reserve. We focused near the South Break complex (management block 5) because there were many Acacia saligana (Port Jackson) that were established in the area.
  • We noted that there was not many Port Jacksons in the nature reserve but mainly in the phase two South Break section.
  • On the 25th, the trees were cut down and the stumps strayed with dyed herbicide to prevent the trees from coppicing. The removed trees were placed into brush piles.
  • On the 26th, the saplings were sprayed with herbicide and the rest of the cut trees were placed into the brush piles. The cut trees will be chipped with a chipping machine once the tractor at Rondevlei is available.
  • Mr. Johannes Theron from MSP was contacted twice during the month concerning the alien trees in the South Break section and the matter has been taken up with DEA & DP.
  • Petro was contacted for the purchase of herbicide for Psorailia Park which I will start once I have received the chemicals.

Figure 1: Sprayed stump                       Figure 2: Brush piles

2. Fauna

 There was a sighting of a breeding pair of Burhinus capensis (Spotted thick-knee) pair that had two eggs in their nest at Muizenberg East Private Nature Reserve.

2.1 Other sightings:

Muizenberg East Private Nature Reserve

  • 6 x Burhinus capensis (Spotted Thick-knee)
  • 1 x Papilio demodocus demodocus ( Citrus Swallowtail)
  • 1 x Elanus caeruleus (Black-shouldered Kite)
  • 1 x Lanius collaris (Common Fiscal)
  • 1 x Prinia maculosa (Karoo Prinia)
  • 1 x Raphicerus melanotis (Cape Grysbok)
  • 1 x female Bradypodion pumilum ( Cape Dwarf Chameleon)
  • 1 x Theraphosidae horpactira (Baboon Spider)

Psoralia Park

  • 2 x Rhabdomys pumilio (Striped Mouse)
  • 1 x Meroles knoxii (Knox’s Desert Lizard)
  • 4 x Francolinus capensis ( Cape Spurfowl)
  • 1 x Hystrix africaeaustralis (Porcupine) Quill


Figure 3: Thick-knee eggs

3. Site Inspections and Safety Checks

Psoralia Park

  • On the 27th, I did a site inspection at Psoralia Park. The boardwalk had many nails that were sticking out of the wood which is a safety risk. The building material for the hide was placed in the wrong place. The plants that were removed from the fence for painting needs to be removed from the site. The vegetation at the storm water drains needs to be cleared and the litter from the site.
  • On the 28th, I had a site meeting with Christine from Ecosence. We discussed my concerns as well as the Amietophrynus pantherinus (Western Leopard toad) holes for the complex.


Figure 4: Nail out of boardwalk                            Figure 5: Cut plants at fence

4. Infrastructure

The Muizenberg East sign was taken down on the 4th and the sign was sanded down and repainted. It was put back up a week later.


Figure 6: Before                                               Figure 7:  After


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