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Muizenberg East Satelite Conservation Area - Month Reports.

This is a working relationship with the City of Cape Town and Zandvlei Trust.

Monthly Report for September 2011

1. Flora

1.1 Invasive Alien Clearing

On the 9th of September, I did two hours of alien clearing at Soralia Village. It was mainly Acacia salinga (Port Jackson) saplings.
On the 27th of September, a Zandvlei staff member (a chainsaw operator) cut down the rest of the Acacia cyclops (Rooikrans). It was two hours of alien clearing and the rest of us picked up litter.

2. Fauna

Sighting totals:

Soralia Village

  • 4 x Pternistis capensis ( Cape Spurfowl)
  • 2x Prinia maculosa (Karoo prinia)
  • 1 x female Cinnyris chalybeus ( Southern Double collared sunbird)
  • 3 x male Ploceus velatus (Southern Masked weaver)
  • 4 x female Ploceus velatus (Southern Masked weaver)
  • 1 x Bradypodion pumilum ( Cape Dwarf chameleon)
  • 2 x Tomopterna delalandii ( Cape Sand frog - audio)
  • 12 x Sturnus vulgaris (Common starling)
  • 12 x Eutricha capensis (Cape Lappet)
  • 2 x Hyperolius horstockii (Arum Lily Frog)
  • 1 x Otomys irroratus ( Vlei Rat)
  • 4 x Felis silvestris catus (Domestic Cat)
  • 1 x Bradypterus baboecala (Little Rush-Warbler)
  • 2 x Vanellus armatus (Blacksmith Lapwing)
  • 3 x Numida meleagris ( Helmeted Guineafowl)
  • 10 x Onychognathus morio (Red-winged Starling)
  • 60 x Ruschia macowanii
  • 1 x Hystrix africaeaustralis (Porcupine quill)
  • 4 x Dira clytus (Cape Autumn Widow)
  • 1 x Larus dominicanus (Kelp Gull)
  • 1 x Leptotyphlops nigricans (Black Thread snake)
  • 1 x Psammophis crucifer (Cross-Marked Whip snake - dead)
  • 1 x Oenothera stricata ( Evening Primrose - alien plant)
  • 200 x Wachendorfia paniculata
  • 1 x Myosorex varius (Forest Shrew - dead)

Sunrise Villas Species List

 2 x Alopochen aegyptiacus (Egyptian Goose)

2 x Larus dominicanus (Kelp Gull)

Sunrise Villas Species List

  • 1 x Motacilla capensis (Cape Wagtail)
  • 1 x immature Ardea melanocephala ( Black-headed Heron)

photograph by Margit van Heerden.                                                    photograph by Margit van Heerden.

Figure One: Ruschia macowanii                                    Figure Two: Wachendorfia paniculata

3. Site Inspections and Safety Checks

3.1 Soralia Village

3.1.1 Litter

For the month of September, the total amount of litter collected was 4 black bags, 1 tyre and wire. Most of the litter was collected from the storm water drains and at the fence (landscaped area) near Pick n Pay.

3.1.2 Site Inspection

All the dried brush was removed as well as the building materials from the site. The pathways are in a good condition and there are no safety risks. The bird hide is in a good condition and there is no graffiti on the charts.

3.1.3 Amietophrynus pantherinus (Western Leopard Toad) holes

MSP has started placing in the movement holes for the toads in each property and the placements of the holes are in order.
I did have a site meeting with Muizenberg City Parks to ask if they could create movement holes in the cemetery wall and it was agreed on, I will follow up on their progress.

3.1.4 Felis silvestris catus (Domestic Cats)

There have been a few problems with the domestic cats in the Reserve. There has been one Forest Shrew and one Cross-marked whip snake killed by cats in the area for this month. I will bring up this issue in the next Trustee meeting.

photograph by Margit van Heerden.

Figure Three: Dead Forest Shrew.

3.1.5 Hyperolius horstockii (Arum Lily Frog) Survey

On the 9th of September, I did an Arum Lily frog survey and the results are as follows over the past three years:

Arum Lily Frog survey at Soralia Park



01/09/2009 80
03/09/2010 23
09/09/2011 2

The decline of the populations could be from urban developments in the area or the early change of season, next year the survey will be done earlier (end of August) than in the previous years.

photograph by Margit van Heerden.

Figure Four: Arum Lily Frog


3.2 Sunrise Villas

3.2.1 Site Inspection

All the weeds and alien vegetation was removed and the landscaped area looks much better.

3.2.2 Litter Clean-up

On the 17th of September, I participated in the National Coastal Clean-up at Muizenberg Beach. There were many different organisations that also participated and 300 black bags were collected.

4. Meetings

I attended the Fire Awareness Day on the 28th of September at Tygerberg Nature Reserve. It was organised by the Biodiversity branch because the fire season is going to start in October. A presentation was given by the Fire Department and the new fire protocol was given as well.
Every-ones PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) was checked as well as the vehicles.


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