Zandvlei Trust

Revegetating Zandvlei by William Bond.
(Extract article from the 1993 Autumn Newsletter)

The indigenous vegetation that once bordered the Zandvlei Wetlands has vanished into housing estate, lakeside lawns or under alien Acacias.

Trust members recognised the rapid attrition of coastal strandveld in the vlei area and throughout a large part of the False Bay area and decided to do something about it by restoring wasteland to the original trees and shrubs. The first problem was finding the plants: plant nurseries, private or city, didn’t stock them – so we grew them ourselves.

Seeds were collected by Trust members from remnants of bush in the last throes of invasion by Port Jackson or human settlements. We potted them and tended them, with the aid of the Muizenberg CTCC nursery, until ready to plant out.
Species included Chrysanthemoides monilifera (Bietou), Salvia aurea, Rhus lucida, Putterlickia pyracantha, Nylandtia spinosa (Jakkalsbessie), Sideroxylon inerme (Milkwood) and others.

Members planted out trees and shrubs in a few selected areas round the vlei, inevitably on national Arbor Days in August.
We soon found this terribly inappropriate, occurring as it does, just before the the long dry Cape summer and switched to autumn plantings. Now, after 5 or 6 years of effort, we have well-established plants providing the nucleus of strandveld bush clumps and the first signs of the attendant birds and insects returning. The Trust with its revegetation programme has made a firm investment in diversifying the bland parklands of Zandvlei.

Could anyone interested in this rewarding project please contact William.


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