Zandvlei Trust

The Restoration of ecology of Zandvlei plant communities
(Extract article from the 1995 Autumn Newsletter)

A few years ago the Zandvlei Trust launched a revegetation programme in which seeds collected from  the last remaining indigenous communities (occurring at a proposed road site near Steenberg) were cultivated under nursery conditions. More recently these have been supplemented by appropriate dune species either bought from indigenous plant nuseries or donated by the City Council's nursery at Steenberg. Thus far the majority of the plantings have been concentrated along the north western banks between the vlei and railway line.

It is wonderful to see that some of the original plants which were planted are now well established and spreading naturally, and that we are beginning to reap the rewards of the Trusts members endevours. This is however very much an ongoing project, as mortalities are high during the first summer after planting and seedlings of the alien acacia trees continue to germinate.
The Council nursery at Steenberg is once again growing seedlings for us this year, for which we are very grateful, and we hope to organise a planting day after the first good rains.

Show piece
We are currently planning to create a show piece by planting indigenous trees and flowers on the Lakeside Main Road, opposite the Total garage and shops. Whilst we would love to create an area of beauty and give this valuable wetland area credibility, we are waiting for response from Council as to the future use of this wetlandarea. We urge all those interested members of the Trust to become involved in this worthwhile project which, it is hoped will in a small way return to our vlei some of what humanity has taken away.

Sean Privett

(This is now the Westlake Walkway Garden, which Una Hartley has successfully transformed)


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