Zandvlei Trust

Zandvlei Trust rescues the lilies (Extract article from the 1997 Autumn Newsletter)

At the end of winter 1996 Trust members living on the east of the vlei became aware of the new housing development (de Kaap) along the Prince george drive . We looked the area over and found many valuable plants that could be salvaged . Several members met on a Sunday and dug up the lilies. Though the day was well publicised , only the stalwart Trust members found their way to the spot. The lilies were replanted on open land all around the vlei and in a few private gardens. It is great to see these plants surviving on Park Island and in Lakeside today.

We made a difference but we need more support in future. I notice with saddness that the bulldozers have already cleared the area east of steenberg station in Military Road. This area because it is marshy was rich in lilies. what a pity communities could not salvage plants like these when threatened.
If the Zandvlei Trust is to continue to make a difference we need more support.

Helen Erlangsen


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