Zandvlei Trust

Chairpersons Report from the Autumn 2000 Newsletter

So much has been done by so few during this past year. Our Executive Committee has been down sized due to members having business and other commitments. We therefore need other members to come forward and offer their skills and talents.

Members of the Executive have attended up to 15 different meetings of different organisations, have been involved in watchdog activities regarding 3 large developments, have responded to numerous calls from members and the public who were questioning or reporting on environmental activities. We have also been following closely the reports and activities of relevant environmental consultants studies. At present we are fighting to save the old nursery site on the northern shores from housing development. We want it to be included into the Zandvlei Nature Reserve where it can be developed as a centre for both adult and child environmental education.

We have also arranged 4 lectures, 3 guided walks, (includes the winter school), one members meeting 1999/2000 and published 4 newsletters to date. 

 Una Hartley.

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