Zandvlei Trust

Leopard Toads

What a privilege!

On Sunday 5th November 2000 I was shown some micro size froglets by young Sarah and Amy. Following an investigation I found myself in the most privileged situation, that of rescuing thousands of Leopard Toadlets, the size of my pinkie nail mostly from the swimming pool.

 The markings on these tiny creatures resembled exactly those of the adult Leopard Toad. I set off twice a day to the private home of Sarah and Amy's grand parents in Bergvliet where, in the garden, each footstep sent froglets jumping in all directions. The garden beds were quivering with these active creatures and the swimming pool crowded and black with exhausted trapped and drowning ones. It seemed that this mass invasion occurred mainly in two of a number of properties nestling on the banks of a natural spring called 'Die Oog’ and in this one with the pool, in particular.

The mass invasion had been going on for a week and continued for the 8 days that I was involved. Experts from the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch were contacted and were fascinated. They had not seen such numbers of Leopard Toad before.

Most froglets were relocated to Zandvlei and Rondevlei where they occur naturally but because of their endangered status it was decided to create a new colony at Constantia.

 Una Hartley.

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