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A Muizenberg Village Garden

(Extract article from the volume 2007/2 Newsletter)

photograph by Bowen Boshier

The public walkway on the corners of Hansen, Palmer and Holland Roads.

At the intersection of Palmer, Hansen and Holland Roads, is a small garden. Its establishment has successfully raised an empty space from neglect into a pleasure to the eye.
Initially Margaret Dugmore requested that something be done about the vacant space used as a dumping ground (rubble and waste) also as a toilet by people. Then Ismail, Lallie and Angela became involved and started planting and constructed decorated bollards with sculptures by Harry. Through MIDS money was available from a movie company. So stone chips were brought to the site with some palms. Ismail and Lallie moved, and the garden became neglected. Then Margaret consulted with Karen (a local landscaper) to consolidate the effort.

photograph by Bowen Boshier

The small garden of hardy indigenous plants.

Karen provided MIDS with a proposed solution by constructing a permanent garden bed, a paved and unobstructed thoroughfare and standing area next to the public phones. A strong contingent of Aloe arborescens was planted between the substation and end house walls to deter littering. The plants used for the garden are indigenous, hardy and waterwise. Presently the orange Gazania’s are in flower along with the deep red Tecoma’s, the latter being a good stop for local sunbirds. It has added much value to the site and is a perfect place for Mom or Nanny to stop for a break whilst walking through the neighbourhood with the children

All it lacks is comfortable seating, in the form of additional bollards or plinths to admire the passing pollinators and colourful plantings.

Benjamin A Walton


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