Zandvlei Trust

Nature Care Fund: Progress at Zandvlei.

(Extract article from the volume 2010/1 Newsletter)

photograph by David Muller

Sunset at Zandvlei from Park Island.

Dynamic ways of funding special projects have been implemented by energetic and enthusiastic members of Zandvlei Trust.
These include a litter cleanup at Park Island (jointly sponsored by Gerrard Wigram and Cassy Sheasby), purchasing new spotlights to undertake night counts and for security patrols; buying materials to make new insect nets. A large donation was made by Anne (Sharon McCallum's sister) for new information signage. This is being made and aims to raise awareness around the 2006 proclaimation of and the expansion of the Reserve.

The Nature Care Fund was started in 2007. It is a means of collecting money in a separate account for  special projects at Zandvlei that are not funded by the City of Cape Town.

Since its inception, many donations have been received and put to good cause at Zandvlei.

R1200 was used to make Leopard Toad badges to raise awareness of the plight of the Western Leopard Toad. Badges are sold at the Kite Festival and some were given as prizes to learners during environmental education outings. We were also able to purchase plant bags from Neil Major for search a rescue operations at 3 Muizenberg East developments and for propagation in our nursery. We also purchased 4 field guides on plants aniamls, tracking, and game ranch management. These books have been added to our library inventory and are insured by the City of Cape Town.

Recently the Zandvlei Trust donated R2000 towards the various projects listed above. We also managed to raise revenue from sales at the Kite Festival whichwill be used to purchase plants from Neil Major for Arbour Day 2010. We received R3000 from the organisers of the World Biathlon Championships held at Zandvlei at the end of last year, this money has been used to buy many small items such as parts for our chainsaws. Many thanks to Tony Bradford for motivating for this donation. R60 was used to buy a fishing permit for a man who trawls Zandvlei for food and could not afford his own permit. He paid off this by assisting with invassive alien clearing for a day.

The Reserve Manager, Cassy Sheasby has donated R2200 and the Area Manager, Dalton Gibbs R600 to the Nature Care Fund of Zandvlei.

We are saving up to purchase an SLR digital camera so we can do credit to the beauty and diversity of Zandvlei its creatures habitats and recreational activities. This is an example of an item the City of Cape Town does not provide for. We feel it is important to document the work the work we do, the animals and plants that we find and general scenic beauty of the area as a historic record for generations to come.

Recently we bought two pairs of binoculars to replace those stolen. The money came from the Nature Care Fund.

Anyone wanting to contribute to this fund can do so all donations are most appreciated, no matter the size. You can also specify what you wish your money to be used for, we have a mechanism in place to direct where your donation will be spent - eg litter cleanups.

Cassy Sheasby.

Bank details below, please note reference for deposits.


Bank name:  Standard Bank

Account name:  Nature Care Fund

Account No.:  270 309 144

Branch:  Grassy Park Mini Branch

Branch code:  028 209

Reference for deposit:  ZAV1



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