Zandvlei Trust

Maynardville Music Concert
(Extract article from the 1990 Winter Newsletter)

The Barley Corn Music Club celebrated its 25th aniversary in 2000.

On the 31st March the Zandvlei Trust in conjunction with the Barlycorn Music Club put on a concert at the  Maynardville open air theatre with all procedes in aid of the Trust.

Despite the very dicey weather we managed to attract a reasonable crowd to watch and listen to some of South Africa's top musicians. Included in the lineup were Edi niederlander, Tony Cox, Dave Nissen and his band (who unfortunately caught some of the rain), Terrence Scarr and caroline Blundell, Dave knight and also the best of the Barlycorn regulars. The show was presented(at times hilariously )by Ian Bell and Martin Petersen.

Our sincere thanks go to all the performers who really made the evening the sucess that it was, and also to the Barlycorn Music Club Committee for all their help with the orgainsing the show.

The Sea Scouts parents supplied the refreshments in the form of boerewors rolls and cool drinks. Many thanks to them.

As part of the fund raising a painting of Zandvlei donated by Neil Thomson was raffled. The Trust would also like to thank Neil for his support.

As a final thought the concert had a two fold purpose, firstly to raise much needed funds for the Trust and secondly to increase  awareness of the Trusts activities and its battle against some of the severe environmental problems which effect the vlei. I think we were sucessful on both counts.

Geoff Brooker


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