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Way forward for Z I M P..........

2002 provided a slow but steady start for the inventory and monitoring programme. However, there is much still to be done and some of the initiatives for the year are outlined in this newsletter. ZIMP hopes to continue with what it started and if two or three more activities can begin 2003 it will be enough. We are particularly interested in developing the historical and social components of the monitoring programme this year although several environmentally orientated programmes are also planned for 2003.

Skilled community.
The involvement of more people is critical to the success of the programme. It is important to remember that the process of recording anything is every bit as vital as the information collected itself. ZIMP hopes over the years to build a skilled community interested in all facets of the local environment and one that uncovers some of its secrets on a regular and ongoing basis. ZIMP is not only interested in biology and science but also in how people view the environment through their words, music, photographs and art.

Are you interested?

Please attend the AGM on the 14th May 2003 to get the feedback and meet some of the people already involved. Visit the website or contact The Zandvlei Trust for details of how to get involved in any activity which appeals to you. Help is available to anyone who wishes to learn and become more active in this worthwhile adventure. Read Cherry's call for creative people to get those juices flowing.

......the toad counts sound like a great deal of fun too! Maybe you like to spot a few birds when out walking around the vlei. Your sightings might be very important to share. Don't forget too, that OBE has put a new slant on learning in our schools and it would be great to have a few of the older school children honing their social skills in the various activities. Many high schools have also placed emphasis on social outreach as part of their balanced education manifesto. ZIMP provides an ideal base for part of this legacy which will be handed to the next of caring about and managing the environment.
A few hours on a Saturday, once a month is surely not too much to ask as an investment in the future. Let us know your thoughts and give us some feedback, whether positive or negative.

You can contact the Zandvlei Trust directly or talk to Clifford at the Reserve. He can certainly vouch for thousands of children who have had hours of fun and learning about and enjoying the Reserve. What a break from the mundane daily existence!

Timm Hoffman.

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