Zandvlei Trust

The 3rd - 2012 Peninsula Paddle on the 3rd June.

                                Taking back the Cape Peninsula waterways.
                         From Muizenberg on the False Bay to Milnerton in Table Bay;
     via the vleis, rivers, canals, and waterways along the Peninsula and across the Cape Flats.

Participants and their websites.

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What do the Aurora House Snake and the little dog have in common?

Answer:  They were rescued from the Sand River canal at Zandvlei and the Black River alongside
                  the M5 by the Peninsula Paddlers.

NB - There is a happy sequel about the little dog. Raymond Siebrits and Hannah Baleta were the paddlers at the back with the leaking inflatible canoe. They came across an elderly gent in the canal with his other adopted dog, looking for the little dog. He told them, both dogs were rescued dogs which he adopted. So the little one comes from a caring home.

Also illustrates the point, that once in the canal it is impossible for short creatures and people to get out. Even tall, fit and able adults could find it difficult to get out.

The young Aurora House Snake was clinging very tightly to this polystyrene cup which was drifting along in the Sand River canal.  (13/06/2012 - the snake has been positively identified as an Aurora House Snake by Cassy Sheasby - Manager of the Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve).

The cup being carefully lifted out the water on the paddle blade. It was released in a safe place.

The little Maltese Terrier type dog was found stranded in the canal alongside the M5 freeway, unable to get out. So he was bundled into the canoe and towed all the way to the lunch stop in Sybrand Park.

A dog leash was available and the WESSA flag pole came in handy. He sat calmly watching all the activity going on around him. He was later taken to the SPCA in Grassy Park by family of one of the participants.


Photos of the 2012 Peninsula Paddle.

Hannah Baleta and Raymond Siebrits are enjoying the day and having fun near 
Sybrand Park, more than half way completed.

The Zandvlei section to Retreat.

Princessvlei activity.

Black River.

Milnerton estuary, Diep River.


The 2nd - 2011 Peninsula Paddle.

The Diep River - Milnerton Lagoon and the Peninsula Paddlers nearly at the end Milnerton Canoe Club about 25 kms from Muizenberg, at the end of the day.
Table Mountain in the background. What a stunning day!!

See the sequence of the 2011 event.


The initial - 2010 Peninsula Paddle.

Alistair Lee and Trevor Johnston.       Kevin Winter.                          Thomas Cousins.

See the sequence of the 2010 event.


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