Zandvlei Trust

The 4th - 2013 Peninsula Paddle.

                                Taking back the Cape Peninsula waterways.
                         From Muizenberg on the False Bay to Milnerton in Table Bay;
     via the vleis, rivers, canals, and waterways along the Peninsula and across the Cape Flats.

      A sequence of photos will be found below in the various sections of the event.

Just before sunrise on 09/06/2013, the canoes going into the Sand River at the Marina da Gama.

The plastic bottle canoes at  Zandvlei.


Sand River and through Retreat.

Princessvlei and through to Plumstead. 

Plumstead to Access Park Kenilworth.

Kromboom River to the Black River lunch stop.

Black River. 


Constantia Bulletin newspaper article.  Page 1.    Page 2. 


Participants and the website.

See the Press Statement released on 29/04/2013.

See the Official website for the Peninsula Paddle

See the Route Map

See the Minutes from the 2nd Planing Meeting

See the Minutes from the 1st Planing Meeting


Building 2 bottle canoes for the 2013 Peninsula Paddle.

See more.....  

See the plastic bottle canoes paddled around Zandvlei on 12/06/2013 


How about building bottle boats for this years Paddle?

How about this!!!   Caron von Zeil has proposed that groups get together and build
a number of bottle boats / crafts for this years Peninsula Paddle.

How about this one?

Industrial engineer Federico Blanc had a dream to float down Argentina’s Parana River on a recycled kayak, and his vision recently came to fruition! Blanc collected dozens of plastic soda bottles and glued them together to create his fantastic blue kayak. Simple, strong and eco-friendly, this boat can carry up to 2 people plus a cooler for when the rafters get hungry.

See many images for ideas on this link.

See a YouTube video.

See another YouTube video.


A mysterious boat appears on the Black River in February 2013.

What does this mean?

See the article.


The 3rd - 2012 Peninsula Paddle.

Hannah Baleta and Raymond Siebrits are enjoying the day and having fun near 
Sybrand Park, more than half way completed.

Rescued creatures from the waterways on the day.

The Zandvlei section to Retreat. 

Princessvlei activity.

Black River.

Milnerton estuary, Diep River. 


The 2nd - 2011 Peninsula Paddle.

The Diep River - Milnerton Lagoon and the Peninsula Paddlers nearly at the end Milnerton Canoe Club about 25 kms from Muizenberg, at the end of the day.
Table Mountain in the background. What a stunning day!!

See the sequence of the 2011 event.


The initial - 2010 Peninsula Paddle.

Alistair Lee and Trevor Johnston.       Kevin Winter.                          Thomas Cousins.

See the sequence of the 2010 event.


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