Zandvlei Trust

           The 6th - Peninsula Paddle - 7th June 2015.

                               Taking back the Cape Peninsula waterways.
                        From Muizenberg on the False Bay to Milnerton on Table Bay;
     via the vleis, rivers, canals, and waterways along the Peninsula and across the Cape Flats.

          At Zandvlei just after the start of the Peninsula Paddle before sunrise on 07 June 2015.

The Zandvlei section. 

The Sand River to Princessvlei. 

Sybrand Park and the Black River.

Milnerton Lagoon. 

Thank you to the 2015 Paddlers.

                The paddlers gathered at the Milnerton lagoon with the whale sculpture, highlighting the junk
                                                           found washed up on the beach.



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02/06/2015 - Spotlight on the City’s waterways  -  Media information.

The Peninsula Paddle is an annual event that coincides with World Environment Day (5 June). It’s an adventure from Muizenberg to Milnerton via the city’s waterways. 
The 6th event takes place on Sunday 7th June starting with the launch at 7.30 at the mouth of Zandvlei, Muizenberg. The paddle highlights two messages: ‘the health of the city is seen in its waterways’, and
‘we are all connected to the waterways’. The journey crosses the Peninsula through canals, rivers and vleis through contrasting social, economic and environmental conditions. Six years on and the organizers are seeing some notable improvement. From waterways that were once impossible to paddle, to conditions that make rivers like the Black River one of the most navigable and exciting stretches of the paddle.
The Peninsula Paddle is getting message across. Approximately 80 paddlers are registered for this year’s paddle.

For more information about the paddle:  Also on Facebook and Twitter @PenPaddle

Contact numbers of the day: Kevin 083 923 5890 (paddler) Andrew 078 508 8716 (press info officer)

Points of interest and estimated times.

7.30 Launch at Zandvlei mouth, Muizenberg
8.30 Breakfast at the top of the vlei on Marina Da Gama side of the vlei – chance to talk to paddlers. 9.15 Paddlers proceed through the canals at Steenberg (alongside St Georges Drive) and talk to local residents about the canals - issues and problems
10.00 to 10.30 Crossing the Princess Vlei – chance to talk to paddlers
12.00 Entry into Black River at Sybrand Park – change to talk to paddlers
13.15 13.30 Floating coffee shop on Black River at the confluence of the Liesbeek and Black River adjacent to the Maitland junction on the M5
15.00 – Paddlers at the Salt River mouth – some will continue to do the sea section along Woodstock beach
16.00 Paddlers meet around a sculpture of plastics collected from beach cleanup at the mouth of the Milnerton Lagoon. Form an armada of kayaks to the final destination at the Milnerton Canoe Club on Woodbridge Island arriving
- chance to talk to paddlers.

Route map.



27/05/2015 - The Registrations are flowing in.

Make sure you get your's in time. There is a cut off number.

photograph by Kevin Winter.

What is happening here?            What is that man doing on the boat?
                           Is he telling us something as we go by?

See this article.


See the previous events.

Part of the group flotilla crossing Princessvlei in June 2014.






photograph by Alistar Harris.

Kevin, Trevor, Alistair and Thomas on Woodstock beach at 18h00 in May 2010.



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