Zandvlei Trust

           The 7th - Peninsula Paddle -  5th June 2016.

                               Taking back the Cape Peninsula waterways.
                        From Muizenberg on the False Bay to Milnerton on Table Bay;
     via the vleis, canals, rivers, and waterways along the Peninsula and across the Cape Flats.

                If you have any photos or links from the Paddle you would like included here,
                                    contact Gavin Lawson 

                                  The Paddlers gathered at the Zandvlei coffee and muffin stop in June 2016. 



Sand River canal in Retreat.


Sybrand Park. 

Black River. 

The Sea section. 

Milnerton beach. 

Milnerton Canoe Club. 

Media publicity. 

                                The paddlers gathered at the Milnerton lagoon June 2016 with the whale basket
                 with some of the collected litter from the beach, highlighting the junk found washed up on the beach.


                                                     Click on the poster for the link.

                                                        The 2016 flyer / poster.


See the previous events.







photograph by Alistar Harris.

             Kevin, Trevor, Alistair and Thomas on Woodstock beach at 18h00 in May 2010.



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