Zandvlei Trust

      Design and build a bottle canoe / boat  for the 
                  5th - 2014 Peninsula Paddle.

      This year Cape Town was selected as the 2014 World Design Capital.

                            Here is a challenge to you.    Hey!    Yes you!

So why not design and build a canoe, a boat, a raft or whatever and come along on the Peninsula Paddle with it this year.
Use your imagination, collect as many plastic bottles as possible and get designing and building.

  • Use the internet for ideas.

  • Come up with your own ideas, refinements, improvements on what others have done.

  • Be original and use any materials readily available.

  • The cheaper the better, you want to build something cheaper than a second hand canoe.

  • You are helping to recycle and reuse the discarded bottles by building them into your project, which has a purpose. 

  • You will be removing bottles from the water ways, pavements, gutters if you pick them up.

  • Have a look at previous Peninsula Paddles and see the terrain you have to cover.

  • So you can design something which will fulfill the function of all the conditions involved.


This is the first bottle boat / canoe at Princessvlei in March 2014. 

It has a name, its called the Penguin. These girls had not seen a bottle boat before, 
they did not really want to go on the water with it.

This is the penguin found in the Sand Rver canal at the litter trap. It was washed, dried and
then sealed into the plastic jar on the back of the canoe.

This canoe is called the Dragon.

The found dragon also in a jar on the back of this canoe.

The Dragon and the Penguin at Zandvlei in late June 2013.

Kevin Winter tried it out at Princessvlei in March 2014.

"It works!"

The Life Guards at Princessvlei in March 2014 decided they wanted to try the bottle canoe too.

And off she went to join the others having fun.

Kevin pushing this boy off, first time on a bottle canoe at Princessvlei.

He was having great fun and enjoyed himself.

See the photos of these canoes being built in 2013.

See the photos of the  Peninsula Paddle 2013.



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