Zandvlei Trust

Peninsula Paddle 2 on the 5th June 2011.

                From Muizenberg on the False Bay to Milnerton in Table Bay;
via the vleis, rivers, canals, and waterways along the Peninsula and across the Cape Flats.

The SUP (stand up paddlers) Guy Bubb and Glen Thompsion starting in the Zandvlei estuary mouth
at Muizenberg before sunrise.


June 2011

The 2011 Penisula Paddle took place on Sunday, 5th June celebrating World Environment Day. 
Follow the route with all the people who joined in along the way, demonstrating that the "thinking and behaviour within civil society is changing" and these participants want to highlight the level of neglect and abuse of the canals and and rivers within the City. They have chosen these rivers and canals, as it is possible to traverse part of the Cape Flats along the Peninsula from False Bay to Table Bay.

Start at Zandvlei. 

Sand River canal. 


Princessvlei canal to Plumstead. 

Cycle ride from Plumstead to Access Park in Kenilworth.

Kroomboom canal into the Black and Vygieskraal Rivers.

Black River to Table Bay.

Table Bay into the Diep River and the end at the Milnerton Canoe Club.

The Water Quality test results.    new 14/06/2011

Water analysis guidelines for City of Cape Town.    new 24/06/2011

The Constantia Bulletin article on 09/06/2011

The Constantia Bulletin article on 23/06/2011 page 1.    new 24/06/2011

The Constantia Bulletin article on 23/06/2011 page 2.    new 24/06/2011


See this link as the official Peninsula Paddle website.

See this link  SUPSA - sports body: 

See this link Naish SUP Africa  Peter Petersen who provided SUP boards.



It started at 07h00 on Sunday at the Zandvlei estuary mouth and finished at the Milnerton Canoe Club at about 16h30. 

Viewing points and approximate times;

  • Start at the mouth of Zandvlei in False Bay 07h00

  • Mullet Close at about 07h45. 

  • Sand River canal along Prince George Drive till 08h15

  • various bridges along the Sand River canal in Retreat till 09h30

  • Princessvlei till 10h15 there will be various activities till about 13h00

  • Bicycle ride from Plumstead to Access Park about 12h00, where the canoes go back into the water of the Kromboom River canal

  • along the canals along side the M5 freeway then through the Mowbray Golf Course into the Vygieskraal River about 13h30

  • along into the Black River next to the N2 and M5 freeways and clover leaf road interhange

  • along past Valkenberg and the Observatory past Raapenberg Wetlands under the N1 freeway at about 14h30 

  • through the Paarden Eiland industrial area to the mouth of the Black River into Table Bay at 15h30

  • paddle along the coast and into the Milnerton lagoon and end at the Milnerton Canoe Club House at Woodbridge Island at 16h00.

The Diep River - Milnerton Lagoon and the Peninsula Paddlers nearly at the end Milnerton Canoe Club about 25 kms from Muizenberg. 
Table Mountain in the background. What a stunning day!!


May 2011

The paddle will involve a team of intrepid social activists and outdoor adventurers from diverse backgrounds as they paddle the inland waterways that join False Bay to Table Bay.
On route they will connect with community organisations at as many points as possible, highlighting the social and environmental challenges that confront the interface between human and freshwater aquatic communities in Cape Town.

If you are interested in paddling or supporting the 2011 Peninsula Paddle.

For more information and about the day’s activities visit our website: 


 The initial - 2010 Peninsula Paddle.

Alistair Lee and Trevor Johnston.       Kevin Winter.                          Thomas Cousins.

See the sequence of the 2010 event below.


Introduction and Background.

Start and Zandvlei - False Bay.

Sand River canal.


Canal under de Waal Road in Southfield.

Keniworth Race Course Nature Reserve.

Canals down to the Black River.

Black River.

Liesbeek River.

Finish at Woodstock Beach - Table Bay.


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