Zandvlei Trust

               Princessvlei Forum signed a MOA
      with the City of Cape Town - 09 December 2015.

 On 09 December 2015 at the eastern shore of Princessvlei the official signing of the MOA
(memorandum of agreement) took place.

Bishop Christopher Gregorwski a Forum member below (in teal coloured shirt) opened the ceremony
with a prayer.

Chairman Philip Bam welcomed everybody and seen addressing the gathering.

Many of the people present worked hard in the background to achieve what we witnessed today.

Alderman Belinda Walker, the official representative of the City of Cape Town, addressing everyone.

Local Ward 72 Councillor Kevin Southgate saying a few words.

Signing the historic MOA with the Princessvlei Forum.

Signing the City of Cape Town document.

Philip Bam signing on behalf of the Forum. There were two documents to be co-signed, a copy
for each party.

Signing the Princessvlei Forum document.

Then we needed witnesses to initial each page of all the documents to legally formalize them. 
Secretary of the Princessvlei Forum, Lourna Houston was asked to do so.

Also Bridget Pitt the Forum organiser signed the document pages.

Cllr Kevin Southgate was a signatory.

Forum Secretary was asked to say a few words, seen here thanking everyone for their contributions
and welcoming the outcome of this process.

Paramount Chief Hennie van Wyk also a Forum member from the Gorachouqua tribe was there
as a guest of honour. Seen here saying a few words.

The signed documents for the record.

Well done everybody who worked hard to make this milestone happen. We were all happy today.


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