Zandvlei Trust

Princessvlei wins the long battle against the
inappropriate proposed development -
22nd March 2014.


This is the Princessvlei Action and Celebration event with some of the stands. There was
a full programme of events with music, activities and information for the afternoon. There
was to be an address by the Deputy Mayor as well.

These coy school girls were happy to have their photo taken.

photograph by Mea Lashbrooke.

Turns out they are VIP's on the day. They are Cara Lipari and Temia May, grade 7,
John Graham Primary School (Plumstead) pupils on a mission.

Muriel Darke and Joyce Brandt from Zandvlei Trust were at our table.

The Inter Faith Organisations had their table with a display board and other information.

The flags were flying, the kites were flying and it was very festive.

Local representatives of the Khoi peoples, posing for photographs with the children.

Philip Bam (he wears  many community organisation hats) and Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson
in discussion before proceddings start.

photograph by Mea Lashbrooke.

Frank van der Horst, Philip Bam, Ian Neilson and Bishop Christopher Gregorowski addressing
the audience.

photograph by Mea Lashbrooke.

Temia May and Cara Lipari presenting the signed pettion by more than 8000 people,
together with the Peoples Plan for Princessvlei to Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson.

The City officially announced today that no mall development would go ahead at this site.
A great victory for the prolonged battle by local community members and various
other organisations to stave off the inappropriate development.

The art students from CPUT made this bench with a fish backrest. They had a number 
of variations in bench design dotted around the the park.

In the background there was some "hunting and gathering" taking place. The older people,
bending are picking vygies (sour figs) which are delicious and make very good jam if you
can find enough.

Patrick Dowling (WESSA - Education, Training and Public Capacity Building) getting
the floating wetland wet.

The 2nd floating wetland being inspected by a small boy was supplied by Pierre Depaepe
(in blue shirt) of Riverside Aquatics in Somerset West.

The Life Guards were on duty and were patrolling on the bottle boat.

.....and cruising back into the bay.

Then the last activity of the day, the procession was led by the Heron followed by the frog
or toad and drummed along by the energetic drumming group. The focus was moving
everybody down to the waters edge for the launching of the floating wetlands.

The Heron puppet has brought the procession to a stop near the water.

......closely followed by the frog.

Getting the canoes ready to tug the islands out into the bay.

Job completed the floating islands have been towed into position and anchored. The
test is to see how the wetland plants adapt on their island.

  • Will birds use the islands as a roost?

  • What other creatures will colonise the islands?

  • Will fish use them as a refuge?

There were dark clouds above, holding off the rain till we finished for the afternoon.



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