Zandvlei Trust

Village Heights.

This is a working relationship with the communtity of Village Heights,
the Zandvlei Trust, various other voluntary NPO's and the City of Cape Town.

The City of Cape Town has adopted Village Heights for a legacy community project, as part of the World Capital Design 2014.


Individual members from Zandvlei Trust are assisting Bernie with the registration of an NPO. She is also being assisted to obtain a telephone line, so that the library can one day have an internet connection. The children need this facility for homework and gaining more information knowledge for themselves. Once the NPO is registered, Zandvlei Trust members will assist with administration, banking and communication skills training on a voluntary basis.


December 2013.

12/12/2013 - The AGM was held today at the Village Heights Community Centre.

The Agenda.

The Minutes.

Some of the members at todays AGM held in the library.

See who else was there.


12/12/2013 - Deen Singh (Projects Abroad) and his team are nearly finished for the year.

Deen with 2 of the volunteers from Europe, taking a quick break for a photo.
They were plastering walls.

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05/12/2013 - At last our NPO certificate has arrived.

November 2013.

photograph by Edwina Thomas.

A group photo of the little ones before their year end function.

Edward busy installing a water pipe to the kitchen so that Bernie can have running water
in the kitchen sink.

The new tap at the kitchen sink.

The window progress lintels in place and some glass bricks too.

Congratulations to Tanya, she had her baby this month.

2 weeks old and fast asleep.

We are going swimming, we are going swimming........

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The childrens wetland project with a planned outcome.

photograph by Edward Thomas.

A group photo while moving the tyres.

See what this is about ...... 


Window modifications required.

photograph by Edward Thomas.

This window frame had to be remade.   It is a photographic illusion the frame
is parallel and vertically aligned.

See why.........

October 2013 and the playground and vegetable garden have a Spring feeling.

Edward showing off the tyres which were collectively painted yesterday to brighten up the
garden and playground.

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September 2013 - Arbour Day planting at Village Heights on 04 September.

  photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Street Committee members with their tree planted outside their house in Village Heights.

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July 2013- Madeba Day at Village Heights on 18 July.

Some of the children who where there for the occasion.

Read about the Mandela Day activity on 18 July .......


June 2013 - Village Heights Community Centre is now a registered NPO.

Sharon McCallum has brought the good news to Bernie.

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May 2013 - visit to the False Bay Ecology Park - Family Fun Day - on 04 May.

Bernie and some of the children arriving at the the False Bay Nature Reserve head quarters.

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February 2013 - Village Heights children visit Kirstenbosch for the first time.

The Pride of Table Mountain is part of the Wilderness Leadership School. The guides and leaders took them on a half day educational hike. Sharon McCallum heads up the Pride of Table Mountain.

Sharon McCallum with the children in the Kirstenbosch gardens.

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