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This is a working relationship with Village Heights Community Centre,
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14/04/2016 - Jan Vathjunker from the Kulu Manzi Foundation was picked up and we went to Pep Stores in Grassy Park to fetch the order placed 1 month ago. Also to Yunishas Fashions across the road to pay for the uniforms ordered also a month ago.
Guess what both oders were not ready at 09h15 when we arrived. The balance of the school uniforms were promised for Monday. The Pep stores order was increased with additional items. We eventually got out of there after entering and re-enetering every item purchased, as the bank card system was not working properly. Another card was used and it worked instantly. So much for banking transactions with plastic.
We were able to leave at 13h15 with the goods.

Jan quickly rechecking the till slip outside the shop.It was longer than he is tall.

Next we went to the Lavender Hill High School, where he made arrangements to pay the school fees for 3 deserving students for the rest of this year. He also has made arrangements to pay for some students next year. These are students who are achieving results and whose parents cant afford to pay the annual school fees.
The school has a system of monitoring the progress of each student which will be reported to the Kulu Manzi Foundation. It did not have a plastic card system, so we had to go off to the ATM and draw the money and come back again.

The school hall, the children had left school already.

Jan standing in the lavender garden, on a pathway,outside the administration building.

Then back to VHCC to hand out the clothes to the children at about 15h45. Most of them are back from school now and have come running to VHCC.


The first group to receive their complete pack of school clothes and shoes.

"Look at my new uniform for next year".

Handing out the T-shirts.

Berny calling the kids to get into a line. They are so excited they cant contain themselves and
are all over the place.

Veronica, Naziema and Berny checking and cross checking that everybody is receiving the correct
items on the list.

"Those eyes." 

Berny checking the list to see who gets what next. Jan is studying Sports Science at Koln University
in Germany as per the logo on his T-shirt.

Naziema handing out shirts and socks and Jan looking on.

"Why am I not getting anything?" she is thinking. "You have got a few years to go before you go
to school."

Now the caps and balacalvas for the winter when it gets cold.

"Thank you Jan, Thank you Jan." they all sing.

She was late and now needs a photo with all her new clothes please. 

Jan bouncing this little boy who was squealing with delight.

Berny handing out the new school bags to those who dont have or "their bags are on their last legs."

Jan taking a photo of the proud owner of a new school bag.

These sisters were very happy to receive new school clothes. 

"Are they happy or what? " New school shits and socks.

Tony with his size 9 shoes! Small enough to go on his big toes.
They will be exchanged.

Jan is flying back home to Germany on Sunday and we wish him a safe trip back home.
Thank you to everybody at the Kulu Manzi Foundation for what you have done for us.


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