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14/04/2016 - Amy Rusch gave a trial presentation of an Upcycling Waste Workshop today.
So what is this about?

It is about collecting discarded plastic or any other materials which would land up in the Muizenberg Landfill site before collection in the formal Citys refuse collection process.

These plastic materials were picked up in the Nature Garden wetland area. Except for the
cotton thread used to make the stems of the flowers. The plastic bags are wind blown and
even dumped by uncaring people in the buffer zone to the Rondevlei Nature Reserve.

photograph supplied by Amy Rusch.

Amy demonstrating how to make the stem of the flower.

photograph supplied by Amy Rusch.

This is a stem of a flower in the making. Guess what it is made from? 

photograph supplied by Amy Rusch.

And here is the beginings of a flower petal taking shape. So what is that green stuff?

photograph supplied by Amy Rusch.

Here Naziema is having a go at at winding thread around a flower stem.

photograph supplied by Amy Rusch.

Wow! Look at that! A flower made from what?

photograph supplied by Amy Rusch.

Some of the hands which made these flower stems today.

photograph supplied by Amy Rusch.

... look at the collective bunch of beautiful flowers we made.

"The flowers with the flowers."

"Hey! This looks like a serious business boys!"

Amy capturing the results of the workshop.

... and Berny and Jan have just arrived, in the background, to see what was done today.

Ricardo with the flower he made today.

Thank you to Amy and Lyle coming to demonstrate, inspire and motivate the VHCC community
to be creative and help clean up the natural environment in the Nature Garden area along side
the Rondevlei Nature Reserve in the process.

So what do you think?


           Amy Rusch - Freelance Maker / Artist
          +27(0)74 123  7165


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