Zandvlei Trust

Village Heights Community Centre - August 2016.

 This is a working relationship with Village Heights Community Centre,
and Zandvlei Trust.


Eco Buddies making flutes and pan pipes.

We decided to cut up a disused broken hoola hoop to make the flutes. 
The library books were researched for information on making flutes, then we went onto the Internet
and found so much information. We could hear the sounds made by the different flutes. We got
the measurements, spacing of holes and diameters too.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

Cutting the pipes to the lengths specified. There are so many different types, some with holes 
in a line, others with holes offset from the centre line. Some with 3,5,8 and more holes.

We were going to make different kinds, some wanted pan pipes.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

Taking turns to cut the pipes.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

Using the heat gun to melt the plastic decorative material to the tubing .

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

Heating the pipes up so a smaller diameter one could be inserted in the one end for a mouth piece.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

We decorated the pipes with diferent coloured plastic material we had collected.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

The tip of the screwdriver has been heated up and we are making the holes in the flute at the
measured centres from the information we found.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

Testing, testing, does it work? Joh! It is difficult to get a proper sound out of it.

The collective agreement was that we will have to practise some more, lots more.

photograph by Berny Thomas.

One of the pan pipes we made and Tamy can play a tune on it. 


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