Zandvlei Trust

Village Heights - Funding.

This is a working relationship with the Community of Village Heights,  Zandvlei Trust,  a number of other Organisations, and the City of Cape Town.


How can you help.
The immediate requirement is money for transport. This is always the limiting factor, to transport children on outings to various places of interest in and around the nearby southern suburbs of Cape Town.

  • You can donate money for a project.

  • You can sponsor an part of or all of an outing transport costs.

  • You can help by working with this communities members.

  • You can donate books and magazines for their library and creche.

  • You can donate vegatable seeds for their vegatable garden.

  • You can donate gardening tools and implements for their vegatable garden.

More background information.
Village Heights is being assisted by Zandvlei Trust members to register as an NPO. They have a small library.

Until this is in place, Zandvlei Trust, a registered NPO, shall collect, manage and distribute funds on the Community's behalf in a voluntary capacity.

There are a few other NPO's assisting where they can. Harvest of Hope and Abalimi Bezekhaya are another teaching the community to grow their own vegetables.

Projects Abroad another NPO, have built a library, creche and are in the process of other plans. This is done by volunteers from all over the world.

Pride of Table Mountain (part of the Wilderness Leadership Foundation) are assisting.

The City of Cape Town have adopted this community project as part of the Design Capital of the World for 2014. There are a number of workshops and inniatives which have taken place already. Various depts of the City are involved at different levels, when and if they are needed.
Leaders of the Community of Village Heights are now part of the False Bay Ecology Park (FBEP), Steering Committee. Village Heights is on the other side of the fence to Rondevlei Nature Reserve, which is part of the FBEP.

Zandvlei Trust details.

Zandvlei Trust is a registered Non Profit Organisation - NPO 004 - 011.

Postal address;
P.O.Box 30017,
Cape Town,

Bank details;
Nedbank - Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa.
Bank account type - Current.
Bank Account No. - 1030 882 339.
Branch Code No. - 19 87 65.

Please make sure you indicate your name and Village Heights on the deposit information.


Contact Gavin Lawson  or  021 705 5224, for more information.


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