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23/03/2016 - During the March school holidays (Water Week) at the Masque Theatre  
in Muizenberg, a Jungle Theatre production called River Of Life was showing.

The poster at the Masque Theatre.

It is an African fairy tale about a rural tribe and their special princess Mamlambo, who all live next to a beautiful river full of magical creatures. With her community in crisis, Princess Mamlambo finds the courage to travel a path alone. She adventures through a hot dry desert, a steaming jungle and climbs the tallest mountain, all to find the Sangoma to save the river and her village.

15 children from VHCC were lucky to go. The taxi fetched them at 09h15. The show was from 10h00 to 11h00.
The play is a vibrant, noisy at times with an excellent message to look after the water resource we have and not to pollute it with human generated waste.

"We are here and have got front row seats. When are the others coming? When is it going to start?"

George Smith from the Jungle Theatre introduced the show, and then it started with lots of drumming singing and percussion instruments generating a lot of energy.

The story being told and the river (blue material) being introduced.

There is a keen audience.

The village members telling their story about where they live next to a river with magical creatures too.

There is a lot of energy put into telling the story of the community taking for granted their water
resource which is the source of life.
They let themselves be explioted and sold their wealth for the easy, convenient life and this
began to negatively impact their lives and all the living creatures in and around the river.

"This cheap water from the City is good. Lets drink all of it."

"Look at what we have done to our river, it is polluted and dying with all of our wrong behaviour 
and careless littering."

"What have they done" he is thinking. 

The river is polluted all the living creatures are dying.

The Water Spirit cries out "We are dying, look what you have done to the river."

The village members are called together to discuss the crisis.

The Chief of the village gives the Princess, his daughter, the necklace to take with her on her 
journey to find the Sangoma to come and help them.

The children are engrossed in the difficult journey the Princess has to go on to find the Sangoma.

The water spirit says "I am dying, the river has been poisoned with all the pollution and it has dried up."

The frog is also an indicator species, and he says "I have deformities and am very sick from 
all this pollution. You must help me."

The Nature Spirit guardian in the form of a fish, drank up the last bit of precious water
from the river to keep it safe.


A decision was made after consulting the Sangoma to clean up the river of all the pollution.

Some of the audience jumped up to help clean up mess. That is Tammy on stage, she put a lot
of rubbish in the bags.

"Thank you for helping to clean up the environment."

"Look! Nature Spirit we have cleaned up the natural environment and our river which we polluted."

So the Nature Spirit decided to give the people back the water (blue material) which was taken
away to look after, as it is the source of all life.

...and so the village prospered again and the people were happy. And the Water Spirit returned 
to live in the river again.

Thank you for being a great audience.

photograph by Jody Thomas.

The VHCC children were transported to the theatre by a local taxi association which has given 
good service to the local community. The National Lotto provided the funding which ZVT manages.


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