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This is a working relationship with Village Heights Community Centre, 
City of Cape Town, Projects Abroad, CTEET
and Zandvlei Trust.


The Kingston University visit to VHCC on 28 January  2016.

The City of Cape Town - ERM Special Projects Team co - ordinated the visit by about 35 Kingston University, London students and staff who came to visit today. ZVT assisted in making sure the food ingredients and utensils were supplied and co-ordinated the finances for the lunch in the background.
They University students were introduced and came to see and participate in a refuse removal and recycling programme recently introduced at VH in the Nature Garden area. There was lots more.


Bernie hard a work preparing the lunch for everyone today. On the menu she said there is chicken curry served with rice, Breyani (rice and lentil mixed curry), Rooti's (Cape Town pronounciation of Roti) and a tomato salsa or salad with red and green peppers, onion and herbs. A variety of cooldrinks to drink.


There were groups working in different sectors of the Nature Garden removing all the refuse and
discarded items they could find.


The bags down this end were brought here and eventually taken to a central point for processing.


There is lots of stuff to be picked up here.

Meanwhile, what is happening in the kitchen? The rooti's have to be made for everyone having lunch today.

The roti's (in Cape Town they called rooti's) are looking very good.

In the VHCC library office Stephen Granger (City of Cape Town - ERM), Anthony Roberts CEO of CTEET and Nathan Nelson CTEET were having a meeting.

Back outside th bags of refuse were piling up for recycling and then removal to the landfill site nearby.
A contracted company to the City, employs local people to help remove all the household refuse for removal to the Citys nearby landfill site.

Well done girls!

In the recently burnt area the Imperata Grass is flowering (white shiny tops to the green parts).
The Imperata grass is an important host plant to a rare endemic butterfly which occurs only in a very
small area locally. Its caterpillar spins a very small cocoon in the grass after its life cycle.

Thank you very much to everyone for clearing this area.

The tyres which came out of the wetland area, needed some muscle power!.

That was thirsty work.

Everyone had washed their hands and there was a variety of cool drinks, plus plain water to drink.
It was about 28 - 30 degrees C by now after midday. There was a cool breeze from the sea nearby
thank goodness. 
It must be quite challenging to arrive from a mid winter in the northern hemisphere into a sweltering
30 degree Cape Town at the bottom of Africa.

Thats a bit better after something to drink. 

2nds and 3rds were required too.  "We heard it was lunch time! Is that true?" 

There were interactions all around.

A very positive energy was amoungst everyone, even after participating in a refuse removal exercise.

Renee and Sonja (The Recyclers) topping up with juice.

There was excited chatter while waiting for the first people in the food queue to move through.

"Here comes my lunch."

"Got mine and I am off to the back, where there is a breeze."

"Got mime and juice to go."

Dont worry all the plates, cups, knives and forks are biodegradable made from 
sustainable sources and available from GreenHome in the Ottery business area.
They are suposed to break down into compost in about 6 months.
The knives and forks are made from cellulose and the plates and cups from 
baggase (sugar cane pulp). They are manufactured sustainably in South Africa.

There was a slight hold up in the queue as the pots had to be topped up, 
the food was going down very well.

"Some of that too, please."

The girl with her glasses in her hands is celebrating her birthday today, everybody joined in singing
Happy Birthday to her. Bernie with her blue Kingston University T shirt on, leading the chorus.

Edward taking over the serving spoon.

"Some of everything please."

Stephen in discussion about recycling in the City of Cape Town.

Lining up for the tomato salad (salsa) to go with the variety of curry flavoured servings.

Caroline has had her lunch and has to go off and see to the workers cleaning the streets. 
She helps co-ordinate the contract workers with the Citys Solid Waste Dept requirements.

Veronica dishing up for Peter, Head of the touring delegation from Kingston University and he is 
the last of the visitors to be served.

Last in the queue to be fed are the youngsters involved today. They have been busy moving the 
bags after the cleanup.

There was a little shade and a slight breese from the sea in the Play Park.

Enjoying their lunch.

Stephen Granger thanking everyone for participating and informing them what the next sequence
of events is on this afternoons planned agenda. He gave them plenty of background information
about the projects at VHCC.

The table being set up with the latest VHCC crafted animals. The colourful creatures are penguins
from Christmas time.

Getting the labels in the correct places.

The boys in this group listening to the talk.

... and the girls in this group paying attention.

Stephen also let everyone know there were some knitted animals for sale if they would like to 
support the VHCC knitting group.
Well there was an over whelming support. R875 worth of goods were sold!! Thank you very much.

And subequently .......

An elephant will be making a long migration across the whole of Africa
from here to the northern hemisphere and beyond.

A zebra will be relocated.

The warthog was captured and is going.

The family of meerkats were snapped up.

One of the "foot and mouth free" buffalo and the giraffe will be
making a long haul to the northern hemisphere.

Everyone went off to play a soccer game on the "sports field area" and I was first told VH had lost 2-1.
On the return of everyone the final score was 2-2 when VH were awarded a penalty near the end and scored.

The Kingston University delegation donated 40 sets of pants and shirts, with goalie gloves and caps. Also 2 soccer balls, aaaand a set of portable goal posts.

Thank you very much to all those involved in planning, raising the money and transporting the kit all the way to VH it is much appreciated.
As the saying goes "Watch this space!"


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