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Village Heights Community Centre.

This is a working relationship with Village Heights Community Centre
and Zandvlei Trust.


The VHCC Knitting group 24 August 2016.

Baby booties are being made this week.


This was what happened yesterday and this morning. The second pair need some ears and the
faces sewn on.

Veronica making the next booty to complete a pair.

The first booty finish today. It was started yesterday.

Next booty to make up the pair.

Berny managing to sit outside in the sunshine with her very sore back.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Yesterday Joan had the weekly class making babies booties.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Our new knitter has passed the test by knitting a square. Next challenge onto booties. No problem!

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Learning to cast on and off to shape the booty. Wow the VHCC knitters catch on quickly!


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