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The VHCC Knitting group 17 March 2016.

Joan came the day before and showed the group some new patterns. Today all were outside as
it was overcast and warm outside. The season is changing it is getting slightly cooler and the
shadow lines have moved.

It was pleasant outside today so the group were outdoors. 

Three hanger covers made already.

Joan showed the group how to do cable stitch. The practise 
sample with 2 patterns.

Another cable stitch being practised here in a cream colour wool.

Veronica with the 2nd bag made during the week.

The sample scarf which the group are going to copy for an order.

Some more Easter bunnies and a family of 3 giraffes and a shy zebra hiding its face.

The buffalo and rhino and the zebras progressing, lots of finishing still to do.

Some beautiful wool brought by visitors last Friday.

Cutting the material for the tummy of the elephant.

The elephant inside out. Joan wanted the group to make this small material elephant. 
It will have a blue tail to pick up the blue in the material.

photograph by Veronica Mentor.

Joan discussing the patterns with Ziema.

photograph by Veronica Mentor.

Joan is impressed with the speed with which the knitting has progressed.

photograph by Veronica Mentor.

The first hanger cover done.

photograph by Veronica Mentor.

The next one is well on its way.


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