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Report for April 2016.

Gift of Hope

As for the crèche it seems like its taking shape slowly. The kids may be few but it works out well for Veronica and myself with our busy days we can only afford to look after the ones we have. We said goodbye to Martin a very committed Projects Abroad volunteer and good with our five kids. A couple of days later Cecelia left and only one more week before Lauren is to leave. Thank you to all the Projects Abroad volunteers who come to VHCC.


The library has become very busy. With all the research that the high school kids had my phone is taking the fall for it. The books that we received in January from Capricorn library have been a great help. The new hand books for Grade 8 to12 has information that is needed in some of their subjects and they find them very useful. In just a few days back at school the kids are loaded with work.
Part of belonging to the library and doing their homework here after school is that they can be fed some days. For the good results which I monitor and sport participation here at VHCC they were rewarded by taking them out on the days of the Birdathon and hiking up Lions Head.

Projects Abroad

Cyrus Jal from Australia came to join us this month when Lauren left. He will be here for 12 weeks altogether.
Dr Peter Slowe director and founder of Projects Abroad came to visit and discuss future plans to develop education, sport, music, dance and human rights through a new charity organisation the Tore’s Foundation The feeding continues every week for the kids even if there are no community volunteers. So Deen, Cyrus and Janik make the food for the kids.
Janik joined us when we did the Lions Head hike on the Freedom Day public holiday. He enjoyed the day with us. Thank you for being such a good sport Jan.

Prospur Spar, Plumstead

Once again lots of bread and rolls for the kids brought by Deen Singh (Projects Abroad) whose family are related to the owners of the Spar. We again thank Prospur Spar for 
these donations, which help fill a lot of tummies in the community every week.

Pollsmoor Prison

Delivery continues once a week with a bag or 2 of porridge. Even with the public holidays that we had, they then will come the day before or the day after. Thank you very much Pollsmoor Outreach Programme.

Zandvlei Trust (ZVT)

Transport was provided by ZVT to go to the Birdathon at the False Bay Nature Reserve on the 16th April. Sharon made arrangements with the driver to be there on time. He was still more than late eventually fetch us at 08h15 instead of 07h15. We were a group of 20. Stephen Granger City Environmental Resource Management bought the group food, as we were late for the armbands when we registered and did not qualify for fish and chips. Veronica and myself had a table provided by the City with our displayed knitted animals for sale. Something new for the people so next year we hoping to sell more than 3 items. We decided to put on brave faces and each one in the group became friends with the snakes and had them on our necks. 
Sharon does the Table Mountain Pride walks and Edwina and Tamaryn join her every second week training as guides. The girls look forward to this and it seems they are enjoying themselves. Missing Sharon a lot these days as she has a lot of other commitments. We are hoping her schedule will become less so we can see her more often. She brings us the “topup money” on time every month.

City of Cape Town

ZVT applied to the TMF for the Upcycling Waste Project with a proposal and we got the thumps up. Letters of support from Ashieff Khan the Manager of False Bay Nature Reserve and Stephen Granger - Environmental Resource Management, Business Manager assisted for the application. So our 1st workshop will start the 03 May 2016.
Stephen organised a meeting for future development plans of the Nature Garden and Sports Field at Village Heights. Mr. van Ryneveld, Anthony Roberts - CTEET, Joanne Jackson - ERM Project and Partnership Development, Water and Sanitation Area Manager, Electricity and Lightning Manager and others joined in for the meeting. Positive discussion came from the meeting and construction will be starting soon we were told.


VHCC organised a hike up Lions Head. We have a MOU with CTEET so for the transport we needed was paid for. We took 15 in the 1 mini bus taxi and Peter Slowe from Projects Abroad paid for the other mini bus so we could take an additional15. Thank you Anthony for your support. Peter paid for the fish and chips we bought on our way home, as climbing up and down the mountain made us hungry.


April has been a busy month for the Centre. The kids had a busy time and went places they never had been before.
Jan Vathjunker (Kulu Manzi Foundation) from Germany, and ex volunteer of Projects Abroad came back to visit us. His foundation decided to sponsor those who needed uniforms and worn out parts of the school uniforms. At PEP Stores R11, 135 was spent buying school clothing, shoes and school bags for those children whose parents cannot afford to buy them full uniforms. At Yuneesas about R4, 500 was spent and there are still outstanding uniforms, which they have not finished yet. He also made arrangements and paid Edwina Thomas, Tyrick Herwel and Anthoni George school fees at Lavender Hill High School for this year. This amount was R2, 800. We collected the uniforms and did the handover to the children at VHCC.
Thank you very much Jan and the Foundation members for this wonderful contribution and helping to make the kids life easier. May your days and years be full of Blessings and may you prosper in the future. We look forward to your next visit in a few years time.

Gavin has a busy year ahead for him as he helps with the admin, the webpage and now also took on the project management of the Upcycling Waste Project with Amy Rusch. More long hours in front of the computer for him.

For every one at VHCC take advantage of the public holidays because all the days will become busier as we have a long schedule in the months ahead. So what do we say 
for April?


A                            P                        R                    I                           L

Appreciate               Positive              Receive            Indigenous            Livelihood.



Bernadine Thomas.


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