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Report for February 2016.


The month started very slowly and tiring for the kids. Just fresh from the December holidays and into the 1st few weeks of school they felt the brains were tired. As they started coming to the library we were prepared to help the new grades. Our mantra is you can’t teach a hungry child. Handed out pencils and some stationary from the packs supplied by the Kingston University delegation who visited us in January.

Pollsmoor Prison

The prison van delivered our bags maize meal porridge. The kids each had a bag to take home so their parents could make them something to eat before they go to school on the morning. With the help of Pollsmoor our kids can be fed and it’s a great feeling to be part of their feeding scheme. With the delivery twice a week our kid’s tummies stay full.

Prospur Spar, Plumstead

Deen Singh of Projects Abroad is our middleman and delivers the rolls when it comes each day. Another thing to look forward to when its come to feeding a hungry child. Our children are very dependent on this, and as soon as they come out of school they come to the library to get a roll to eat and also a packet to take home. Even if at home there is nothing to eat they know that they can come and get porridge and rolls here. To keep a steady mind their stomachs must be full.


Our first market was the 6th February was very slow and long day but was good to be at the market and listen to how the holidays were for the other stallholders. Sold nothing but to us it is a home away from home. I think with Christmas and schools open every one was broke. The atmosphere is nice and everyone very exited to see who was at the market and the stories retold from the festive season. So we didn’t expect to sell much, but seeing each other for the 1st time after the holidays was good, it’s like therapy.
We started on our Easter rabbits and teddy as Easter was going to be early this year. Glanys and Lorreta started knitting with the group and learned to make teddies, only for a few weeks and both of them started working at Pick n Pay. It was good to have had them in our group.

Projects Abroad

Marten, Laureen and Karen are still with us and they made food together with Dean on a weekly basis. The building still going on as usual and making progress. Still waiting on Miss Payo with feedback from the Wynberg office. Hopefully she will come back soon. Dean is very committed in finishing the buildings and the surfing is starting get their act together.

City of Cape Town

The soccer kit given by to us by Kingston University has had a BIG impact on the kids. We started a soccer and netball club under VHCC called New Age. The kids have been hard at training everyday when they come out of school. We played our first match on the sport field against other teams from the Village Heights area.
Thank you very much to Kingston University and Fulham Football Club for giving our kids hope for the future. Our relationship with Environmental Resource Management has given us second chance in life and the kids are looking forward to a brighter Village Heights. Our intern this year is very quiet, she does not communicate to much, so I am relying on Steven to keep the lines of communication open. It is still early in the year.


We went to a TMF workshop and Gavin applied for funding to get our Nature Garden started and also keep going with the Upcycling Waste Project that Amy Rush will be giving. Keeping our fingers crossed. Edward and Nezaam planted seeds in the vegetable garden and we all went and worked at the “tyre forest garden”.
Edwina started with her Junior Ranger course on the 20th February and we wish her good luck. Our cashbook is in on time to Gerrard and Sharon is so busy but still finds time to bring our “topup money” in time. Gavin is very patient but happy with all the work.




Bernadine Thomas.


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