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Report for January 2016.

  • The Centre reopened on the 7th of January 2014. The 1st person to come was Gavin to help setup admin for the new year. To his surprise I also had completed my Chairmanís Report for 2015 and the cashbook as our financial year ends in December.

  • Well into our second week we welcomed most of the kids coming to the play park. The only thing was that they expected to go surfing as that is part of the holiday program, but they were disappointed by lack of communication by Project Abroad management.

  • 19 Jan Edwina Thomas is accepted as a Junior Ranger to the Table Mountain National Park after submitting her application in Nov 2015. 

  • On the 20th I went to see Jennifer Puyo, Operations Manager of Projects Abroad - Africa, to speak about the future of VHCC and requested to meet her before the 1st of Feb. Instead she came on her scheduled visit that was arranged before I went to see her for the 26 Jan. Had a meeting at 09h20 with Jenny, Giselle, Deen and Harry. Desiree and myself represented VHCC in the meeting. The meeting was not really very good, blame was shifted around and no real answers were provided for the past mistakes made. No solutions were offered to try and rectify the problems either.

  • Veronica, Glanys and Loretta were busy finishing the knitted animals for the Kingston University visit for Thursday and then we started to the prep the food for Thursday.

  • For Kingston we had to cater for 50 people but ended feeding more than 68+ people. The day started at 11o'clock with Steven introducing everyone. This year there was more focus on waste recycling. Sonja took them around to her small depot at the back of her yard. They were divided into 3 teams with 3 community representatives and workers to walk about picking up items that could be recycled. At 1pm everyone came back for lunch. After the lunch a friendly game of soccer was played and the boys from London gave our team a run for their money, the game ended up in a draw 2 all. What a game!!!

  • For now we have 3 building volunteers Laureen-Swirtserland, Marten-Belgium both are here for 3 months and Karen-England for 6 weeks.

  • Our kids come on a daily basis to the library to do their homework and we feed 50 kids per week with lunch made by the Projects Abroad volunteers, rolls by Prospur Spar Plumstead and once a week I make them a packet of porridge delivered by Pollsmoor Prison.

  • Sharon brought the top up money for myself, Veronica and Edward and the cashbook is completed for Gerrard for January.

Full steam ahead for 2016 as we say goodbye to January on a great note to open the year.
Too blessed to be stressed!!!


Bernadine Thomas.


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