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Report for July 2016.

Projects Abroad.

One week after saying goodbye to Cyris from Australia, we said goodbye to Julius on the 6th. Although it was hard to say goodbye to him after three months, we were joined by two 20 year old girls, Pauline and Luisa, from USA as well as a group of younger 16 year old boys, Gregorio, Gian Maria, and Philippo, from Italy. Together they worked on the building and played soccer and other games with the children who were on school holiday enjoying the sunny weather. On Tuesday and Thursdays they made stew for the VH community. On the 11th a group of six high school students joined us and helped paint the rooms and make food. Heinrich from USA, Shin from South Korea, Robin and Bastien from Holland joined us at the same time. On the 15th, Lewis from Scotland and Oliver from USA sadly left us. It has been a month of many great volunteers leaving us but also many great volunteers joining us. With 22 in total, the Centre has been alive, bursting with a good energy, and a lot has been done. To salute our volunteers who had worked very hard, Lewis, the Italian boys, and Oliver, we had a get together for dinner and celebrated all of the hard work they did and we will miss them a lot. The time has past for all the 2 months volunteers and the last goodbyes are said to Pauline and Luisa from USA until we meet again girl’s thank you for everything you will be missed by all.

  • Surfing.
    The surfing has been up and going for the kids, for they get picked up every Tuesday and Thursday. The nutrition project is also being held there, so when the children are done with surfing they are fed nutritious meals by the volunteers. The kids are always so excited to go to surfing, and they wish they could go every day.
  • Nutrition Workshop.
    On the 5th, 12th and 19th, ten mothers and their babies were joined by two young Project Abroad volunteers, Clementina and Alice, for a motherhood workshop. The first class was an introduction to the program and at the second class the babies were weighed and measured and the Road to Health booklet (Clinic card) for the babies was explained. At the third class they taught these mothers about healthy eating, breastfeeding, and child development. Profile pictures were also taken of the mothers. The workshop created a chance to bring together the young mothers in the area and show support for one another. Together the ladies decided on the name Mother's Love for the class series. Deborah could not make it to the class this week so she sent a friend, Michelle, who is a dietitian from Chris Barnard Children's Hospital, in her place. The following workshop was cancelled due to bad weather but we surely have one the 1st week in August before the elections.
  • Pauline and Luisa from USA
    Pauline has been here for a month, and experienced a lot of different things, from building to taking care and playing with all the kids that come to the community playground. She has found a love for children that she didn't know she had, and is so happy that she gets to give to a community that really needs it. Luisa has been taking care of the small babies and really showed her love for children throughout her month stay here as well. Luisa has bonded tremendously with all of the kids telling jokes and playing games. Pauline and Luisa have decided to make Bernie make a list of things she needs, such as groceries, toiletries and anything else, and they are going to buy it all and give it to Bernie on Pauline's last day, which is July 22nd. They will also buy a bucket filled with toothbrushes and toothpaste to give to all the children that need dental care. Pauline will also be giving her clothes and sweaters that she doesn't need to all the children that need it more.


This month the library has been busy with all of the children home for the holiday break. The kids spent time in the library reading to one another and being read to by the volunteers. The young ones loved to practice their counting with the volunteers using the posters in the library. Our Eco Buddies are bursting with new ideas, as they will be taking over the Upcycling Waste Workshops that will be done by Amy when she comes back the end of July. The kids have gone back to school so the Centre is very quiet, but this gives more time for the volunteers to work on the building until they come out of school.

Pollsmoor Prison

After a well-deserved leave the prison has been coming again regularly to serve our Community with porridge.

New Age Soccer Club

The soccer has been on a hold as our goal posts are broken. Not that we done playing but with the Eco Buddies Club we decided to rather focus on them and that age group. The boys are happy for the girls to be in the teams, as they would like to play soccer too. So the soccer club will be mixed with both genders in the teams. We can’t wait to start playing again.

Constantia Church of Christ

As always we are grateful and thankful for the donations from the church members as they always thinking of our needs and with this cold weather we received very nice warm clothing. The food is always welcome as our ladies and children are very dependent on these donations.


We had to at least 2 visits from the Environment Resource Management team who came to have a look at the Nature Garden and also to see if and when the development will take place. On the 1st visit I was not present but had the opportunity to see them and say hello to Steven Granger and the other City officials before they left on the second visit. We hope to see more of them in the future, as things have been very quiet from their side.


A lot of planning and discussions still needs to take place with Elzanne. We need to at least communicate once a week so that they can know what’s happening with the progress. The “topup” / stipend that CTEET is sending has been very helpful towards the running of the Eco Buddies Club. The 4 leaders that we have chosen have all received a R100 as a start up fund and was explained that if and when more leaders are picked that the “topup” would become less. Edward and Veronica have been very helpful in keeping the order so that the kids can listen and for that I decided to top them also up with a R100 each. I used the balance for airtime to help run the VHCC activities. Three of the leaders who were chosen are part of the Pride of Table Mountain leaders in training. Edwina Thomas, Tamaryn Mentor and Jamy-lee Thomas have been doing their training with Sharon McCallum for the past 8 months and they attend every second Saturday. Antonio George was also chosen as a leader as he has a lot of people skills and is very driven.

Zandvlei Trust

As always the “topup” money has been on time. Sharon has been very busy in organizing the Dignity Campaign for August. Gavin has been hard at work putting together the Upcycling Workshop with Amy when she comes back in August. The participating group will definitely change from the older too much younger participants as the Eco Buddy Club. The older previous participants have not committed themselves as was anticipated as was requested of them at the 1st Workshop. I hope that the change will be for the good of the club and centre. We hope to see more of Sharon as she is about to hand over the Chairmanship of the Zandvlei Trust with all of its commitments.

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Bernadine Thomas.


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