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Report for June 2016.

The month of June is going to be a very exciting month,  we signed a combined MOU with CTEET, VHCC and ZVT to implement a project which will end in March 2017. Documents were sent by Zandvlei to be reviewed and signed by myself, Sharon, Gavin, and Anthony. I sure a successful relationship will be formed.

Projects Abroad.

In June, we had Cecilia, Lauren, Cyris, Julis, Jannick, and Oliver. The six volunteers continued with the building that the previous volunteers constructed. They mixed cement, used the cement to make the buildings higher with the bricks, and then plastered the walls. It was nice to have them here while Thih-Lil was born so they could all see her, unfortunately Chris had already left for the UK when she was born. Deen has been so awesome and hard at work, and I envy him for knowing all the volunteers name. He's a really good Project Manager and a father to them all.

New Age

For the soccer boys, it's been a very slow month. We had a problem with our goal posts because they are broken, so not much soccer has been played on Sunday's. There were a couple of games that volunteers would play with the kids, but there were no goal posts. We also had one soccer match against the four other teams that we played on the 19th of June. On that date, we lost two games and won two. We hope that our soccer goal posts can be fixed soon so we can play again.

Vegetable Garden

On June 17th, the boys and Veronica worked in the garden, they weeded and has been cleaned up nicely. The crops have been progressively growing, and now we are just waiting for Melanie Steward to arrive in July and to continue helping us with the garden. Melanie and her husband have already delivered some compost for the garden workshop.


Throughout the month of June, we had variety of things happening at the library. Three of our older boys were sent to do the Peninsula Paddle, on June 5th, they started at Muizenberg at the Zandvlei Nature Reserve, they all went via the Black River and ended up in the sea and went up the coast to the Milnerton Canoe Club at the mouth of the Diep River which is part of the Rietvlei Nature Reserve. The boys had a very good day and came home happy with the experience and were very tired after the day of a paddling. The Zandvlei Nature Reserve invited some of the fathers from VH for a Father's Day get together at the Zandvlei Nature Reserve on June 19th. The 3 paddlers were also invited for a day. Close to the end of June, we had a lot of kids coming to the library prior to the holidays. We could see that we were going to have busy times ahead of us.


It's been very quiet with CCT, we understand that they've been very busy, but hope that they will return soon. Nicola has been hard at work after the last meeting we had for the development of the Nature Garden and the Community Hub Centre. I couldn't attend this meeting for the Friends and Neighbours at the Sea Winds multipurpose Centre, as my grandchild was born just one day prior and I was still at the hospital. We hope to see you guys soon, with some good news.

Pollsmoor Prison.

Pollsmor hasn't been here for a while, and we really miss them. The kids have been going without porridge for quite a while, and we hope to see them very soon as the holidays are on our doorstep and we are in need of every little bit of porridge and help we can get.

Constantia Church of Christ.

Uncle Rob has been continuously helping with the tins, and we've been very grateful for him and he also brought us warm and lovely blankets for the winter. Thank you very much, Uncle Rob.

Zandvlei Trust

Gavin has been hard at work organizing for the Peninsula Paddle, which occurred on June 5th, and was very successful. He was also the photographer for the event, lovely photos have been taken by him. The girls are doing the one Pride Walk for this month, as they are soon going on holiday, and Sharon will be missing them a lot. This will give Sharon a more time to do other things because she is always picking up or dropping off the girls.

Good Shepard Church.

We had a visit from Reverend Jo Tyers. The Reverend had a lot of clothing that was contributed by the church. Reverend Tyers was very impressed with the work here at VHCC. The clothing that was contributed was given to the kids in the community and it was just in the time for the winter. A few weeks after the visit, they invited us to come to the service on the 28th of August, to introduce VHCC to the church members.

June has been an eventful month, for Thiah-Lil has come into the world as a healthy baby. Our new volunteers will be coming to us to continue with the building and taking care of the children that visit us everyday and who play in the playground.
June has brought so much to the table, the kids were super excited for the new born baby and she brought so many new joys and emotions for everyone.

J     U     N    E
o      n     e    m
y      i      w    o
        t            t
        e           i
        s           o


Bernadine Thomas.


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