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Report for May 2016.

The month of May has started and I decided instead of waiting for the end of the month to start early with my report and not wait till the last minute. I was behind for 3 months with my reports, but its also because we had a very busy time here. Making use of every second I can to get more of my work done.

Projects Abroad.

We welcomed a new community volanteer Chris Bayley Of England UK. He came on Friday the 6th and will be staying with us for a week. He made an English stew today and took a walk with the boys to see Village Heights thru his own eyes. A beautifull babyshower was organined by Deen's wife and Chris for Edwina on the 14 of May. We also said goodbye to him on that day. Another volunteer Julius Oster from Germany came to join us the following week on the 13th and will be staying with us for 3 months. We again had to say goodbye to Janick from Germany who was here for 3 months on the 31th May 2016. Alistair Slowe, Peters son came to coach the boys for the tornament that he is organising and together with Cyris and Julius they played a soccer match with the boys to see their talent.  Alistair also started coming 1st week to coach them and came twice with one of his players from Ghana Gigig Frances to show the boys a few tricks.

New Age.

We invited other teams to play on our ground on Sunday the 8th. Our Juniors played agaist St Pauls United from Hillview and we won.
New Age - 3,  St Pauls 1. Our Juniors played against The Gat. New Age - 5, The Gat - 3 and our Seniors against 11th Avenue. New Age - 4,  11 Avenue - 3, what a good match we had.
Go.......Go.........Go....... New Age. You deserve the yellow and black gear. 
The matches continued for May and the boys played well against the other teams. The training Alistair and Gigi provided for them paid of well and the defence was much improved.


We did a workshop with the children on Friday before Mothers Day  and we showed the kids how to make flowers from plastic bags which were picked up from the neighbourhood. They came up with beautiful flowers. Library was very busy, as normal, and kids also go on the regular surfing afternoons on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week to Muizenberg, which is provided for by Projects Abroad. 
The kids came to do a lot of projects for the school June exams and they needed to hand in their tasks.
Bonnita Veronica's daugher came to help out for a few days in the afternoon. 

The Upcycling Workshop.

 Amy started her worksop with us on Tuesday the 3rd and 26 people joined in. We started to make a tree out of plastic and made nice vegetable and chicken stew and rolls the the people. Every one learned something and came up with ideas. The people were gaven some work to do well Amy is away and needs to show what they came up with the plastic when she comes back.

Zandvlei Trust.

Gavin Lawson has not been here cause he has car problems, but we have been speaking on the phone and I have been updating him with the progress of the Centre. He has also been busy organising that the 3 of our boys will parcipate in the Peninsula Padde on the 5th of June 2016.  Jeleel Dewee, Levi Jacobs and Ishmaail Solomons had training and preparation with Mark Arendse from the Zandvlei Nature Reserve. 
Sharon has been picking up the girls for the Pride Walk each alternate Saturday. Edwina has not been going and Jamy-Lee has been going in her place, she is doing well. Edwina will join them again after the baby is born, hopefully soon.


Had a meeting with Nicola, Steven's intern about the concern of the future in Village Heights. I have guaranteed Nicola that the conflict had nothing to do with the devolpment of the Nature Garden and the work that is due to happened in Village Heights. 
It was more about local politics and how the Area Committee wanted to use their influence in punting a housing project that is never going to happen. So its near to the Municipal elections and May has just ended, and all the parties are making empty promises. Our people are already so confused and now the Area Committee are not being truthfull, they always need someone to blame.



 Bernadine Thomas.


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