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This is a working relationship with Village Heights Community Centre
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05/06/2016 - World Environment Day and the 7th annual Peninsula Paddle took place in perfect weather. The three representatives of VHCC arrived early with Mark Arendse, the Zandvlei Nature Reserve Environmental Education Manager. They were also given the opportunity to practise paddling canoes at Zandvlei the week before the event, so that they could get a feel of what it would be like on the day.

The aim of the Paddle is to raise awareness of waterways of Cape Town, the condition, general lack of care and the responsibility by the authorities.

See a record of the Peninsula Paddle here.

Gellil, Levi and Ismaail with their canoes getting their life jackets on and the rest of their kit
ready for the start at 07h00. Sunrise was due at 07h50.
UCT very kindly lent them the canoes with life jackets.

The first group set off before sunrise under Thesen's Bridge.

photograph by Errol Smith.

This view gives one a wonderful idea of what it is like, low down on the water in a canoe.

photograph by Errol Smith.

Levi making his way up the vlei with the others, just as the sun was catching the mountains.

Here he is in the Sand River canal after the ZVT "coffee and muffin" stop at the Marina.

Gellil setting off in the Sand River canal. 

Ismaail also setting off up the Sand River canal. 

Gellil with a group pulling their canoes along the Sand River canal at the Retreat Road bridge
near 10th Avenue, Retreat.

The group of Paddlers at Princessvlei on the far side coming towards the M5 car park.

Levi in front, Ismaail to the right and Gellil to the left.

Making their way to a little beach to take the canoes out of the water.

Gellil making his way in.

Levi helping to load the canoes in the UCT trailer.

Part of the group assembled at Sybrand Park where the canoes were unloaded to go into the 
Black River. It was also the early lunch stop.

"The manne" with their caps and bags of gear which they received from the City's Sports and Recreation Dept. of which Tim Godfrey is a Manager.

"The manne" checking out the girls on their way down the Black River canal towards the
Vygieskraal River junction.

"Yehay! here we come" says Ismaail.

"Hey, Levi check daar is Gavin op die brug, hy gaan ons skiet met daai bazooka!"

"He! he!"

There they go towards Mowbray and Observatory. The sunlight is reflecting off Ismaail's paddle
towards the camera.

Look at the colour of the water in the Black River.

That is the N1 road bridge at the Koeberg freeway interchange. The Paddlers are heading towards
Paarden Eiland in the Black River.

Levi was stuck on the concrete canal floor then he was suddenly knee deep in water.

The group have all exited the Black River and paddled up the coast towards the Diep River at
Milnerton with the aid of the SUP's who have guided them along the coast with their expert
knowledge of the water, wind, and current conditions.
Gellil and Levi in the centre making their way towards the beach at Milnerton.

Ismaail surfing in to the beach.

This lady thought she was going to crash into Levi, but they missed by a mile.

Some of the group on the beach with the whales tale which they helped to fill with plastic waste
found on the beach.

Nearly at the end, approaching the Wood Island bridge.

Gellil winning a spot prize at the Milnerton Canoe Club function.

Everyone had a wonderful time learnt new things, saw places they have never been to before,
and met new friends.


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