Zandvlei Trust

Village Heights Community Centre - 07 July 2016.

 This is a working relationship with Village Heights Community Centre,
Table Mountain Fund, CTEET, Amy Rusch
and Zandvlei Trust.

Today the activity set for the children (winter school holidays) was to help pick up the litter from
the wetland area so that we could start making leaves for the tree we are all going to build from
the waste.
They all understand why they are doing it. It is to help demonstrate to the "others who dump their
waste nearby" that this is not acceptable here. We have to look after the wetland and all the
creatures who live in it.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

These are the younger ones and they are going on a mission this morning. To pick up plastic bags
from the wetland.
In the background the older children are participating in a vegetable garden workshop.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

The children going into the wetland area and bringing back the plastic litter wind blown and dumped
by local residents in or near the valuable wetland.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

They were asked to bring what they found to this collection point. Levi is over seeing the process
and has been asked to take photos for a visitor to VHCC.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

The pile is growing.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Blue bags have been brought to start filling them.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

There is a lot of plastic material being found.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

"We have filled this bag." they were shouting as they came running along.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

There are lots of bread packets in this collection.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

"Look we filled these 2 bags." "Well done children!!"

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

They were asked to take the bags here so the contents could be sorted and dried in the sun.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

The older boys had finished the vegetable workshop and were asked to go and find more plastic
material to go and find more plastic bags and put them in the sun to dry out as they were all sopping
wet with dew.

Now it was afternoon and the older children were gathered around the table watching Berny
demonstrate how to make a leaf for "the tree".

The plastic material was still wet after being in the sun for a few hours.

Berny placing the paper over the plastic bag to be ironed until it fuses together to make a sheet
of plastic.

Folding a bread packet. There are dozens of bread packets.

Two leaves cut from the bread packet.

Another leaf in the making.

Edward demonstrating the making a sheet of plastic.

Now the children were having a go. We only have 2 irons so they had to take turns.

The nearest iron does not get hot enough so it takes longer.

Cutting the bags handles off in the background. Lifting the paper to see what we got, and cutting leaves.

In about 40 minutes there were 30 suitable leaves made. A lesson learnt we need more irons, to keep
the hands busy and the minds interested and focused.


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