Zandvlei Trust

Village Heights Community Centre - 12 August 2016.

 This is a working relationship with Village Heights Community Centre,
Table Mountain Fund, Amy Rusch
and Zandvlei Trust.

The first Upcycling Waste Workshop funded by the Table Mountain Fund.
Amy Rusch
is a freelance Artist / Maker and is presenting the series of four workshops. This Zandvlei Trust project is being managed by Gavin Lawson for the Village Heights community.
One of the main project aims is to help prevent or reduse the plastic litter entering our wetland and the Rondevlei Nature Reserve.

While Amy was away there were a number of smaller workshops mainly with the children as the adults interest, dedication and commitment was not forthcoming. So it was decided to incorporate the children who have a club called the Eco Buddies which is part of the library and now recently a
CTEET - VHCC - ZVT project.

As we were working with smaler people we scaled the idea of the large tree back to a number of small trees. Using the same principal but making different coloured trees with a simple flower arrangement on the trees.

Amy had made a black tree as an example and had a number of ideas to show and interest the children. They were excited about being able to participate and asked lots of questions as they were going to learn a lot of new things today.
We were inside as it was drizzling outside, but was forecast to clear later.

While the children had lunch and waited for the odd late comer Amy showed everybody some
examples of what can be made with plastic as some inspiration and hoping it would spark the
creative talent we have in Village Heights.

Then we went off to pick up some more rubbish from the tip just next door to the Centre. 
There is a formal, regular waste removal system in place in Village Heights, yet people dump 
their unwanted waste at night in this place.

What is the answer?  Does anyone have the answer?

Back at the Centre with a few more bottles, Amy explains what she wants everyone to do. Make
a slit in the bottle and then pass it down the line for those with scissors to cut the tops off.

A factory conveyor line was formed to cut the bottles and pass them down the line to be washed,
rinseddried and stacked to work with later.

Have a look, the edges must be smooth, no jagged edges please.

The little ones helped pass the bottles from the bag, ready to get a cut for those with scissors
to cut the tops off.

The edges must be smooth, otherwise it wont seal properly when we heat it up.

Now we have to cut the tops into thin strips which will become the flower petals 

We are going to use the heat guns to make the ends curl, like this. Watch them go curly. 

"Look look how quickly it curls."

"Hold the gun still and I will turn the flower. Please dont burn me."

"Now I am going to show you what to do with the rubbish you collected. Stuff a bread packet full
of rubbish and then wrap it up in a section of red plastic bag you have cut to size."

Then wrap the bread packet in the red plastic very tightly.

"Then you have to push it down in the bottle with your fist, like this."

Look what is going into the packet a mag tape. "Good" says Berny.

Turning the tree slowly so that the bottles shrink very tightly and seal the joints. Also the contraction makes the tree quite rigid and strong.

Some more rubbish being wrapped up.

We have to pull these cable ties really tight to hold the flowers in place.

The group of us left for a photo. Other children had to go home earlier. It was quite a long session
for the younger ones to concenrate.

Look at the beautiful colour and reflections from the flowers!! 

Now we have to make more of these at the next Workshop. Maybe some other colours?


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