Zandvlei Trust

Village Heights - goes to the False Bay Ecology Park in May 2013.

       This is a working relationship with Village Heights and Zandvlei Trust.


BirdLife South Africa, the Cape Bird Club and the City of Cape Town hosted a Family Fun Walk at the Strandfontein IBA (Important Bird Area) which is part of the False Bay Ecology Park.
The Birdathon took place on Saturday, 04 May 2013. 
The Zandvlei Trust funded the transport and entrance fee for 20 people from Village Heights.

The registration began at 08h00 for a start of the Family Fun Walk at 10h00. Preceding the Fun Walk, at the False Bay Enviromental Education Centre was the Eagle Encounters display and the City of Cape Town - Zibi education show, about the effects of littering. Information goody bags were given to all the children.

On the Fun Walk around the Strandfontein IBA, which had 3 routes of different lengths, were 5 information tables manned by knowledgable Cape Bird Club members and Nature Reserve staff. Participants had to visit each table and write down the answers to the questions. On finishing the Walk the forms were put in the lucky draw boxes and each person was given a blue sticker, which entitled them to a free lunch of fish and chips sponsored by John Dorys.
Then there was the lucky draw of the completed forms and there were many prize winners.

It was a very successful 1st Family Fun Walk or Birdathon at Strandfontein with about 210 participants and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The entrance to the False Bay Nature Reserve office buildings.

The taxi has dropped off Bernie and the children.

Edward holding the baby while Bernie does the paper work. The baby is just over a year
old and is going all the way. 
There was another very young baby seen, being carried around in a fathers front pouch.

Bernie signing everyone in.

Dale Wright the Western Cape Environmental Manager from BirdLife South Africa explaining
the question and answer forms and the bird chart. Everyone got their registration red sticker.

Eagle Encouters brought their educational display with live birds.

Hi my name is Twiggy the Wood Owl.

...and I am Barney the Barn Owl.

"Wow, we have never seen one of these before".

"Can we touch him?"

"Do they bite? What do they eat? Look that one made a poo".

"Got to get a photo of this, they wont believe what we saw today".

"Joui!! Look how big the Black Eagle is" says Bernie. "I am Leo the Black Eagle".

"They are beautiful" she said.

... and this is Zibi the Ostrich about to enter the Education Hall.

"Hello everyone my name is Zibi". A story was told about littering and the problems it causes for everyone.

Zibi says "Pikkit up and drop it in a can".

"Come on everybody we are going to sign a song and dance too".

"Come on everybody to the right".

"That was fun".
Then everyone received a goody bag with all sorts of information from
the Nature Reserve Environmental Education Team.

Meantime we have been allowed to hold Leo the Black or Verreauxs Eagle with the big glove on.
We all heard how important and powerful this bird is.

Bernie was brave, she thought there was a chance she could be pecked.

"No chance he can reach me with my arm out straight".

"No he cant see or hear you with the hood on".

"I cant believe it".

Vernon Head the Chairman of BirdLife South Africa and Cape Bird Club
getting everyone to the starting area and introducing the days event to them.

Everyone gathering around, there was a delay as Zibi the Ostrich show was so popular
it was done twice, and it went a little over time.

They listened to the short speech and were sent off on their way....

.....and they are off.

These were some of the birds in J - dam Coot, Hartlaubs Gull, Cape Teal and the Flamingo.

The flamingo on the right was in full breeding plumage in May.

"Look what I got".

John Dorys provided the free lunch for everyone who participated in and finished the Fun Walk.

"Lets close the lids to keep it warm and find a place to sit and eat".

"Yum! this looks good". While the others waited patiently.

Everyone gravitated to the courtyard and hall area for lunch in the sun. And the view.

Vernon announcing the winners of the lucky draw. Otto Schmidt drew the forms from the box.

Joanne Jackson handing over her prize.

"Look what I won".

Edward received a prize too.

A very successful day enjoyed by everybody, lets do it again next year.



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