Zandvlei Trust

Agenda for the 4th ZEMF meeting on 30 January 2013.

CAPE Estuaries Programme: Implementation of the Estuary Management Plan (EMP) for the Zandvlei Estuary, Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Starting at 18h00 to 20h00 on 30 January 2013 at the Zandvlei Sports Club / Imperial Yacht Club.

Item. Topic.


 Welcome and introductions.


Presentations by visitors.

2.1 Proposed contaminants study by Dr Brent Newman from the Coastal Research Group.

2.2 Compliance Unit by Arne Purves City of Cape Town.

3. Legal status of ZEMF by Sandra Fowkes and Pierre de Villiers.


Matters arising from the report of the 3rd ZEMF meeting (unless covered in main agenda)

4.1 Constitution Master copy / version control Gavin Lawson.

4.2 Nutrient study funding proposal Joshua Gericke.

4.3 TOR for Mouth Management Study Lynn Jackson.

4.4 Citizen science Sandra Fowkes.

4.5 CSIR metals study Candice Haskins.

4.6 WG on Communications & Secretariat.

5. Update on progress w.r.t. TWG recommendations.

5.1 Progress on new by-law Dalton Gibbs.

5.2 Pondweed Management & Coral worm removal Joshua Gericke.

3.3 Contingency Plan Dalton Gibbs.

6. Discussion on determination of economic value of Zandvlei.
7. Way forward and dates for next meetings.


Sandra Fowkes welcoming everyone to the first meeting of 2013 while Brent Newman,
sets up his presentation.

Lynn Jackson in the background taking minutes.

l to r  Arne Purves, Candice Haskings, David Walker, John Fowkes and Sandra.

top - l to r  Felicity Ellmore, Ken Findlay, Case Vergeleurs, Josh Gericke,
Garnet Prince, Bob Craske, Pierre de Villiers, and Brent Newman.


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