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Minutes for the 12th ZEMF meeting on 16 April 2014.

CAPE Estuaries Programme: Implementation of the Estuary Management Plan (EMP) for the Zandvlei Estuary, Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Starting at 13h30 to 16h00 on 05 February 2014 at the Zandvlei Sports Club / Imperial Yacht Club.

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Telephone list on Contingency Plan to be amended, and then whole document to be circulated to ZEMF Members. Dalton Gibbs c/f May 2014
Communication TWG around lowering of weir. Sandra Fowkes May 2014
Initiation of discussions around EIA on Mouth Management options. BMB/CSRM c/f April 2014
Articles to be prepared to publicise Zandvlei;
  •  What being a Sea Cadet at Zandvlei has meant.
David Walker June 2014
  • The stories that the patterns uncovered by CWAC tell.
Gavin Lawson June 2014
  • What CAPE has helped the City to leverage through ZEMF.
Sandra Fowkes June 2014



1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
Apologies received from Martin Thompson, Candice Haskins, Cllr D’Alton, Damian Gibbs, Garnet Prince, Josh Gericke, John Fowkes, Shihabuddeen Khan, Dalton Gibbs,Case Veugelers.

Given the number of apologies it was decided to hold the physical meeting at Sostanza, circulate the minutes of the meeting and give absent members of ZEMF 2 weeks from the date of sending out the minutes to make additions and alterations. Items highlighted in yellow are particularly drawn to the attention of the absent ZEMF members.
No response will be taken to mean acceptance of the decisions taken.
Those present were David Walker, Gavin Lawson and Sandra Fowkes.

A copy of the Agenda is at Annex 2.

2. Adoption of the Minutes of the 11thth ZEMF Meeting

The minutes of ZEMF 11 will be amended based on any feedback given and taken as adopted after the 2 week period referred to above.

3. Matters arising from the 11th ZEMF Meeting

3.1 Follow up with DEA & DP regarding the question of reporting of sewage spills As there has been no feedback from DEA & DP this item is to be removed from the agenda. If there are any significant spills with no appropriate response from the City - both in treating the spill and in communicating with ZEMF - the item can be returned to the agenda.

3.2 Circulation of contingency plan (DG) Carried forward in the absence of Dalton G.

3.3 Completion of revisions to Mouth Management Protocol and submission to DEA & DP for approval (MT/CH.
Feedback received by email from CH.

  • We have completed the update of the document to include the management of the sand plume that has developed over the years
  • Draft was sent to Pierre de Villiers (19 March) for his input before submission to DEADP
  • A covering letter for the signature of our director has been prepared
  • Pending any major edits, we can probably send the doc and covering letter to DEADP in May sometime.

Note: On the basis of past experience DEADP responded within 2 months the last time the mouth management plan was submitted for approval.

3.4 Further lowering of the weir on a trial basis. SF and Gordon Laing (GL) (MdG engineer co-opted onto the Working group to communicate about weir lowering) met with MT on 28 February to get responses to possible risk issues related to weir lowering. The main concerned parties were identified as being canoeists and Marina residents. MT pointed out that any risks could be managed by re-instating the weir should there be problems as it is not an expensive or complex exercise to rebuild the rubble weir. 
Feedback from MT by voice mail on 16 April. The weir lowering will be commenced after the start of the winter rains. (Note that the lowering will be within the range of heights above msl which have already been authorised by DEADP). The 2 bathymetric surveys already undertaken will act as the baseline against which the effect of the weir alteration will be measured and evaluated.

3.5 Initiation of discussions around EIA on Mouth Management options. GL observed that the EIA could perhaps have been done in Muizenberg Phase 3 development. However, the developers did not come with the funding. ZEMF will need to consider how best to take this item forward.

4. Pondweed Management

4.1 Action to improve Kingfisher efficiency – SF reported that she and JG had met with Damian who had found a report by RYA (Royal Yachting Association) on pondweed control tests done in the UK. This has given ideas for some initiatives to test having cleared them with the Pondweed Working Group and received written permission from the reserve management.

4.2 Report on discussion with Ken Findlay – KF had withdrawn from being the formal representative of the Peninsula Canoe Club (PCC) due to work pressures (see 7.1 below). No other members have come forward to take the role. KF has suggested that PCC communicates directly with the reserve manager. The ZEMF chair and chair of the Pondweed working group will be copied in on any correspondence. KF also reported that PCC members had cleared coral worm from the Park Island bridge which has made a significant difference for canoeists. Cherry Giljam had photographed the work and brought Easter eggs to thank the clearing team. Material removed was supposed to have been removed by reserve staff who were also supposed to have assisted with the clearing.

5. Communication and partnerships

5.1 As part of the important initiative of increasing awareness of Zandvlei ZEMF would continue to collaborate with ZVT to produce regular articles for the printed media, websites, local newsletters, Facebook and any other channel of communication. The first article appeared in the False Bay Echo of 13 March. The overall theme is to uncover the value of Zandvlei through the stories that people have about how they use Zandvlei, what it means to them.
GL felt that it was important to give publications like False Bay Echo an indication of at least 4 upcoming articles. The following draft articles will be prepared;

  • What being a Sea Cadet at Zandvlei has meant   (DW).
  • The stories that the patterns uncovered by CWAC tell   (GL).
  • What CAPE has helped the City to leverage through ZEMF  (SF).

6. Mouth Management

6.1 The general authorisation given to the City by DEA&DP allows for the weir to be managed between 0.6 and 0.4 AMSL. (It is currently at 0.6 AMSL). Stormwater and Catchment Management will make the judgement call on if and when the weir will be lowered after the start of winter. The existing communication channels established in ZEMF will be used to inform I&APs of any changes to be made, explaining that the purpose is to increase scouring and to reduce risks identified in the general authorisation application.

7. Any Other Business
7.1 Election of Vice-chair & the operation of ZEMF May and June. Given that the previous Vice Chair Dr Ken Findlay had resigned due to pressure of work and extended absences in his new position, it was necessary to elect a new Vice-chair. Damian Gibb was proposed by SF and had indicated his willingness to take the role.

7.2 Offer of a gap analysis and an audit of ZEMP. The Chair had received an email from Bob Craske offering these services free of charge. (The offer was repeated at the public meeting). ZEMF members requested that the Chair express appreciation of the offer and say that the time was not right at present as work was on-going on honing the detailed action plan.

8. Date and focus of the next meeting
Wednesday July 23rd at 13h30 at IYC with a focus on mouth management including dredging.

Annex 1


Organisation Name Abbr Rep/Alt
ZEMF Sandra Fowkes SF Chair 
CoCT (SRCM) Martin Thompson MT Rep
CoCT (BMB) Josh Gericke JG Rep
CoCT (BMB) Shihabuddeen Khan SK Secretariat
CoCT W&S) Andrew Taylor AT Rep
Cape Bird Club Gavin Lawson  GL Rep
Sea Cadets David Walker DW Rep
Fishing fraternity Case Veugelers CV Observer
CoCT (SRCM) Talcott Persent  TP Rep
CoCT (Env Health) Muazzamiel Gamaldien MG Rep

Annex 2


12th Meeting of the Zandvlei Estuary Management Forum (ZEMF) Wednesday 16 April 2014 at Yacht Club

Item Please note it is important that Forum members read the updated EMP’s section 7.3 Detailed action plan, to prepare for discussion of agenda item 7.1

1 Welcome and introductions, apologies etc.
2 Adoption of Minutes of ZEMF 11.
3 Matters arising from the 11th ZEMF Meeting.
4 Pondweed Management4.1 Action to improve Kingfisher efficiency.
5 Communication and partnerships5.1 Any offers for articles.
6 Mouth Management.
7 Any Other Business7.1 Election of Vice-chair & operation of ZEMF May and June7.2 Offer of audit and gap analysis from Bob Craske.
Date and focus for next ZEMF meeting and Pondweed TWG in 2014.


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