Zandvlei Trust

Minutes for the 11th ZEMF meeting on 05 February 2014.

CAPE Estuaries Programme: Implementation of the Estuary Management Plan (EMP) for the Zandvlei Estuary, Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Starting at 13h30 to 16h00 on 05 February 2014 at the Zandvlei Sports Club / Imperial Yacht Club.

                                                                                               ZEMF 11 Minutes ver A 20140205


Follow up with DEA & DP regarding the question of reporting of sewage spills. To be decided c/f April 2014
Telephone list on Contingency Plan to be amended, and then whole document to be circulated to ZEMF Members. Dalton Gibbs c/f April 2014
Check progress of submission Mouth Management Protocol to DEA & DP for approval. Martin Thompson / Candice Haskins April 2014
Further lowering of the weir on a trial basis Martin Thompson April / May – September 2014
Communication TWG around lowering of weir Sandra Fowkes April 2014
Initiation of discussions around EIA on Mouth Management options. BMB / CSRM c/f April 2014



1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
The chair welcomed all reflecting that there was an important year ahead during which the Forum must build on the foundations laid since inception to implement the ZEMP.
She introduced the new GZNR staff member who would be assisting with administration of the Forum, Shihabuddeen Khan.
Apologies received form Cllr D’Alton, Damian Gibbs, Garnet Prince, Ken Findlay
A list of participants can be found at Annex 1 and a copy of the Agenda at Annex 2.

2. Adoption of the Minutes of the 9th ZEMF Meeting

The minutes of ZEMF 10 were adopted. Adoption was proposed by GL, seconded by DW.

3. Matters arising from the 10th ZEMF Meeting

3.1 Circulation of contingency plan (DG) Carried forward in the absence of Dalton G.

3.2 Completion of revisions to Mouth Management Protocol and submission to DEA & DP for approval (MT/CH). MT reported that this was 80% complete and should be sent to Province in 1 or 2 months’ time.

3.3 Erection of permanent health warnings (JG + Muzzamiel Gamaldien)
MG stated that warning signs have already been erected – and some stolen. MT said that people will have a problem if there are permanent warning signs as this would be an incorrect description of the usual water quality.
SF asked about the lead time for signs to be put in place and the meeting was informed by MG that in 6 to 24 hours a notice can go up. It was accepted that permanent signs were not needed at this time. AT commented that JG or Disaster Management should contact MG for signage when the need arises.
AT noted that there was a problem with telemetry at Rutter road pump station and signage went up soon after it was reported. Signs can go up within 2 hours and would be removed after the disaster had passed. JG is informed when the water quality is acceptable.

JG and SK are expected to know the contingency plan should there be a large spill.

3.4 Reporting on sewage spills (DEA & DP) Carried forward as no-one has yet picked up the responsibility that had been consultant Dr Lynn Jackson’s.

4. Pondweed Management

4.1 Current state & management of pondweed;
JG reported that the Kingfisher was out of service from Monday 3rd February 2014. The anchor rod of the front cutter bed had broken due to wear and tear. Parts have to be sourced from Johannesburg. There is an option to use the Princess vlei machine for a month if the repairs are not completed timeously. Pondweed cutting has progressed satisfactorily so far.

SF requested that Candice Haskins and TP forward the update mouth opening and closing times to ZEMF members.
TP noted that the electronic level monitor is not operational and that he receives calls from Zandvlei Trust when levels are high. MT corrected this saying that it is and has been for 2 years.
The Chair expressed appreciation to all who had made efforts to improve the pondweed management.

4.2 Meetings of Pondweed TWG during high growth phase (Jan – April) (DW)
DW will convene the group. JG, Yacht club and canoeists (DW to check if in the absence of Ken Findlay, Rob Mclean should be involved).

5. Communication and partnerships

5.1 Collaboration with Zandvlei Trust & proposed communication initiatives for 2014 SF reported back on discussions with the Zandvlei Trust and ZV manager, particularly related to building the profile of Zandvlei. Local newspapers would be targeted but there was also a need to engage more widely. A plan for a target of a monthly communication had been drafted.

5.2 Report back from Sand River Catchment Ops Working Group JF reported on the following:

  • Louise’s Unit is now to be known as the Green Jobs unit as its activities are now wider than only invasives. The significance of this for Zandvlei is that there might be funding and trained + supervised labour for infra-structure projects like paths, bridges etc.
  • As the upper part of the catchment largely falls under City Parks, quarterly reporting of all work done in the catchment will be submitted to Parks by Louise’s unit.(ZEMF and ZVT need to think about how we best engage with this info and use it.)
  • There were reports of regular sewage spills into the Prinseskasteel river (check) where there are problems with a rising main (check terminology). It is probably very diluted by the time it gets to the vlei and minor in comparison with what comes from Pollsmoor but we need to be aware of it,
  • The City’s Tree policy has been rewritten and is in the process of going through a portfolio committee. No-one at the meeting has known about this other than Cllr Liz Brunette.
  • It was accepted that an underlying key aspect was water quality in river systems. How to identify and address pollution, nutrient load and silt levels. These are key to the health of the Zandvlei.

5.3 Communication with the Provincial Coastal Committee (PCC )
JG met with Darryll Colenbrander (DC) who represents the City on the PCC. Relevant information in the ZNR quarterly reports will be sent to him, to keep him informed of what is happening in the estuary. DC was requested to give feedback on future plans and actions that would be relevant to ZEMF and ZNR.

SF informed the meeting that Province has convened a meeting for all estuary management forum chairpersons. This will take place on 18th February 2014.

6. Mouth Management

6.1 Communication about proposed mouth & weir management SF stressed the need to prepare the communication about the proposal to lower the weir very thoroughly and suggested convening a working group to look at details. Suggested participants were MT, JG, TP, SF a ZVT representative. Andy Killick and Gordon Laing who gave valuable input at the mouth management workshop would be invited to participate.
MT reported that a bathymetric survey had been done in November 2013 and would be repeated in March. This would provide a benchmark against which to evaluate the effectiveness of lowering the weir. JF noted that the dynamics of the pond weed with regard to the sediment should be considered.

GL commented that the operator of the Kingfisher is reported to be clearing the 2 m that is the responsibility of Marina home owners. JG The driver of the kingfisher should not clear within 2m f the revetments and has been repeatedly informed about this. The driver should only go closer than 2m if the weed is creating a smelly mess.

GL suggested analysis of the sediment of the vlei to establish if the sediments are coming from the mouth or from the catchment. MT noted that dredging would include the entire vlei all the way from the northern section

GL commented on the reed encroachment and that it is now of concern and needs attention.

7. Any Other Business
7.1 Updated Draft EMP: The meeting checked priority individual items of the Detailed Action Plan. As there are some 67 items it was not possible to cover all items. JG and SF to meet to work on items that are identified as the responsibility of the GZENR manager.
7.2 Preparation for public meeting. The suggested date was 13 March and the venue to be the IYC. SF to check if available. Sf to draft and agenda and circulate for comment and to approach Cllr D’Alton and Ald Purchase to attend and one of them to chair the meeting.

Annex 1


Organisation Name Abbr Rep/Alt
ZEMF Sandra Fowkes SF Chair 
CoCT (SRCM) Martin Thompson MT Rep
CoCT (BMB) Josh Gericke JG Rep
CoCT (BMB) Shihabuddeen Khan SK Secret-ariat
CoCT W&S) Andrew Taylor AT Rep
Cape Bird Club Gavin Lawson  GL Rep
Sea Cadets David Walker DW Rep
Fishing fraternity Case Veugelers CV Observer
CoCT (SRCM) Talcott Persent  TP Rep
CoCT (Env Health) Muazzamiel Gamaldien MG Rep

Annex 2


ItemPlease note it is important that Forum members read the updated EMP’s section 7.3 Detailed action plan, to prepare for discussion of agenda item 7.1

1    Welcome and introductions, apologies etc
2    Adoption of Minutes of ZEMF 10
3    Matters arising from the 10th ZEMF Meeting3.1 Circulation of contingency plan (DG)3.2 Completion of revisions to Mouth Management Protocol and submission to DEA & DP for approval (MT/CH)3.3 Erection of permanent health warnings (JG + Muzzamiel Gamaldien)3.4 Reporting on sewage spills (DEA & DP)
4   Pondweed Management 4.1 Current state & management of pondweed; Feedback on reporting to TWG (JG) 4.2 Meetings of Pondweed TWG during high growth phase (Jan – April) (DW)
5   Communication and partnerships 5.1 Collaboration with Zandvlei Trust & proposed communication initiatives for 2014 (SF) 5.2 Report back from Sand River Catchment Ops Working Group (JF /MT) 5.3 Communication with PCC (JG)
6  Mouth Management 6.1 Communication about proposed mouth & weir management (SF) 6.2 Progress on monitoring of siltation & dredging in maintenance authorisation(MT)
7  Any Other Business 7.1 Updated Draft EMP: acceptance of the Detailed Action Plan (SF+ all members) 7.2 Preparation for public meeting (SF) 7.3 Any sewage incidents 7.4 AGM7.5 Other.

Date and focus for next ZEMF meeting and Pondweed TWG in 2014.


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