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Minutes for the 13th ZEMF meeting on 23 July 2014.

CAPE Estuaries Programme: Implementation of the Estuary Management Plan (EMP) for the Zandvlei Estuary, Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Starting at 13h30 to 16h00 on 23 July 2014 at the Zandvlei Sports Club / Imperial Yacht Club.

                                                                                       ZEMF 13 Minutes ver B 20140723


Telephone list on Contingency Plan to be amended, and then whole document to be circulated to ZEMF Members. Dalton Gibbs c/f May 2014
Follow up on analysis of sediment cores taken near the mouth in order to inform options for disposal dredge spoil. Josh Gericke Nov 2014
Communication TWG around lowering of weir. Sandra Fowkes May 2014
Initiation of discussions around EIA on Mouth Management options BMB/CSRM c/f April 2014
Articles to be prepared to publicise Zandvlei What being a Sea Cadet at Zandvlei has meant.
The stories that the patterns uncovered by CWAC tell.
What CAPE has helped the City to leverage through ZEMF.
David walker
Gavin Lawson
Sandra Fowkes
July 2014 & on.
Disputed list of minutes that are completed Lynn Jackson c/f April 2014
List of complaints – Marina Da Gama.Details , action planner Josh Gericke Nov 2014
Costs to Cherry Talcott Persent Nov 2014
Email, contact list for all staff and member on the committee SF, JG, NW Nov 2014
Follow up on composition & selection of protected area advisory committees. Sandra Fowkes Nov 2014



1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
Apologies received from
Cllr D’Alton, Arne Purves, Dalton Gibbs, Brendon Fortuin, David Walker.

The Chair welcomed all present and introduced Natalie Williams (NW), from Dalton Gibbs office, and Cherry Giljam who had a long-time involvement with Zandvlei and had been invited to share her insights on sand movement as part of the discussion on mouth. NW would take minutes.

1a. Marina da Gama Association had requested to give a 15 Minute presentation.
This was not given as MdGA decided not to attend claiming that they had not been informed of the exact time of their presentation. (Note MDGA had been informed that the window was between 13h30 and 15h30.)

2. Adoption of the Minutes of the 12th ZEMF Meeting

Confirmation of email Adoption of Minutes of ZEMF 12.  Confirmed.

3. Matters arising from the 12th ZEMF Meeting

Dealt with under agenda items.

4. Pondweed Management

JG reported a total downtime for the harvester of 1month with servicing done within that time. Work commenced in Marina after the downtime to remove dead weed. 70% of canals cleared.
This year averaged 3 cuts per canal so well on track for the target of 7 per year. Only partial die off this winter but there is some early new growth which is worrying. Last year cutting only starting in January. Looks like may have to harvest continually as little winter die-off. Storms have been short and sharp and higher temperatures than last year. CG commented on amount of bird nesting activity.
The issue will be how to deal with strong growth early in season. The second harvester is an option and JG to communicate with Johan Herold who is very accommodating.
September is judgement time.

5. Communication and partnerships

As part of communicating about the Vlei and estuary the follow articles are scheduled to be written.
What being a Sea Cadet at Zandvlei has meant       DW.
The stories that the patterns uncovered by CWAC tell      GL.
What CAPE has helped the City to leverage through ZEMF     SF.

6. Mouth Management

MT reported that CH took the original DEA&DP mouth management authorisation and incorporated the proposal to manage the sand bar by progressive dredging and trucking the sediment to Coastal Park. DEA&DP suggested returning sand to the marine environment. However, this is not practical operationally. In addition to the mostly marine sand, there could also be organic matter from decomposition of aquatic vegetation making the sediment quality too poor to go out to sea. Various alternative options were raised and will be investigated further.
CH noted that if there are a lot of anoxic sediments, when disturbed, these could cause an oxygen deficit with localised impact. The nature of the sediments to be investigated. JG reported that sediment cores had been taken and that he would follow up and obtain the results.

TP required advice on best time of year for dredging. GP requested not in spring when breeding fish would be vulnerable. JG said winter flows might help with moving sediment out of the mouth.

PdV had concerns about sandprawn recruitment and that we must expect certain amount of sacrificial loss. JG said data since 1st monitoring showed significant increases from 2001 and noted that in mid-summer sandprawns recolonized v quickly. JG commented on apparent massive increase in density of prawn holes post the 2012 fish kill and thinks they stress-breed so the same thing might occur with dredging. GL monitored sand prawns with Clifford Dorse some years ago and found recolonisation within 2 weeks.

The Chair had invited Cherry Giljam, resident of Marina and with long-time close involvement in vlei management, to share her insights. Cherry gave valuable commentary and showed pictures of previous sand movement and mouth dynamics.

7. Any Other Business

7.1 Progress on proclamation of the nature reserve and advertising for Advisory committee members.
Damian G asked if there are similar reserves that include residential Marinas and are they running ZEMF like structures?
SF follow up on composition of protected area advisory committees, qualification required for membership; and how PAAC members are chosen.
7.2 Safety and security around the estuary. JG no major issues. CG commented that it is nice to get to beach and find “brown guys” there. JG explained that security guards doing ranger-type duties. They have a bakkie and so are able to get to the beach.
7.3 Coral worm status. Damian noted that they are proliferating. JG picking up coral worm in fresh water areas.
7.4 SF NW JG to check that distribution list is complete

8. Date and focus for next ZEMF meeting and Pondweed TWG in 2014.

To be confirmed but probably mid-November.


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