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Minutes for the 16th ZEMF meeting on 25 March 2015.

CAPE Estuaries Programme: Implementation of the Estuary Management Plan (EMP) for the Zandvlei Estuary, Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Starting at 13h30 to 16h00 on 25 March 2015 at the Zandvlei Sports Club / Imperial Yacht Club.

                                                                                        ZEMF 16 Minutes ver A 20150325


Prepare a pondweed nutrient study motivation and SF to assist. Cherry Giljam c/fwd to May 2015.
Has some ideas about improving the litter situation and will discussion them with Josh Gericke. Cherry Giljam c/fwd to May 2015.
To see if administrative support could be acquired on a professional basis for administration, minutes and filing for the PAAC. DaG May 2015.
To see if the two minor amendments of the PAAC terms of reference can be accommodated; and can PAAC’s be permitted to amend the terms of reference to their own requirements.  DaG May 2015.
To establish which Code of Conduct is to apply to PAAC members.  DaG May 2015.
To mark the two large coral worm colonies in the main vlei that are obstructions/dangers to boating activities DG, JG  asap.
To distribute dredging article by MT and JG through their various networks SF, GL on receipt.
To get salinity readings to correlate with the reduced pond weed growth during the 2014/15 summer and to email the water salinity results to ZEMF members. JG asap.
To draft suitable communication about the dredging of the mouth and so send to SF GL for distribution through their various networks. 
DaG Capex project in next month and half. Weed harvester. 
MT, JG, DaG May 2015.
To write an article on what ZEMF achieved for distribution local newspapers, relevant websites, member publications.
All reps of their organisations -To circulate the article to their memberships.



on receipt.


It was recommended that the rubble weir be maintained at its present height.


1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
The Chair welcomed all present.
Apologies received from Cllr D’Alton, Candice Haskins, Garnet Prince.
Attendance: 14 as per signed register and list at end.

2. Adoption of the Minutes of the 15th ZEMF Meeting

Adoption of Minutes of ZEMF 15
Minutes of the meeting on the 21st January 2015 were adopted.

Proposer: GL. Seconded: CG.

3. Matters arising from the 15th ZEMF Meeting

Dealt with under agenda items or carried forward in Action summary.

4. Mouth Management

4.1 Sediment Survey: There is an estimated 2000 m3 less sediment than when the survey was started in October 2013. This is assumed be linked to the lowering of the rubble weir which has allowed for scouring to take place. JS cautioned that the survey method was not fine scale or very accurate. MT recommended that the rubble weir is left at lower level but we should keep a check of salinities. JG to get salinity data from CH and to share with ZEMF members. JG one thing we noticed main vlei little pondweed growth.
It was recommended that the rubble weir be maintained at its present height.

GoL noted that the lower weir reduces risk of flooding. CG said water v clear with kelp right up near reserve gate so must have been huge influx. JG observed that water been exceptionally clear (as was the case before April 2012).DW reported that two B Tech students are doing research, one looking a salinities before and after mouth openings; the other looking at pond weed.

4.2 Water levels: complaints over the previous 2 months were related to high water levels of up to as much as 1.2 MASL. Buildings that were flooded are converted boat houses and are not legal dwellings. The mouth had been opened earlier than scheduled in February to reduce water levels in this instance.

5. Pondweed Management

JG had submitted a pond weed report for 2015. There had been a breakdown of the weed harvester rollers in March. This was ongoing for a second week. However, pond weed clearing was not significantly behind schedule, but clearing needs to start again within a week to maintain the schedule. Currently pondweed growth is noticeably slow.

Coral (tube) Worm: Two large patches have been noted in the main vlei. DG and JG to mark the two large coral worm colonies in the main vlei that are obstructions/dangers to boating activities. Under the bridges in Marina it is presently bad. This impacts the water flow through the Marina canals and poses a threat of stagnant water in the cut off canals. It was noted that tube worm is a stress breeder and any disturbance causes spreading of the species. CG observed that there was also coral die-back at the time of the April 2012 fish die off. JG said that tube worm is like a plant in that it does not remove nutrients so nutrients find their way back into system. Tube worms are good for resilience e.g. absorbing sewage spills but what is worrying is that colonies form using their own older tubes as substrates and the absorbed matter ultimately finds its way back into the system.

6. Communication and partnerships

6.1 Date and agenda for a public report back meeting; It was the feeling of the members that it was important to communicate as widely as possible about the work done by ZEMF since its formation on 12 April 2012. The conclusion was that it would be more constructive to prepare a report and/or article as this could be distributed far more widely than through a public meeting. SF JG to write an article on what ZEMF achieved.
All representatives of organisations to circulate the article to the memberships of their organisations.

6.2 Provincial Coastal committee; SF reported that she had sent a summary of key points of ZEMF 15 to Darryl Colenbrander who is the City of Cape Town’s rep on the Provincial Coastal Committee. No acknowledgement or response had been received. 

7. Any Other Business

7.1 Protected Area Advisory Committee: DaG presented an overview of the Protected Area Advisory Committee and progress of the process to establish a PAAC. The terms of reference were examined and discussed. Two minor amendments were suggested. DaG to see if the two minor amendments of the PAAC terms of reference can be accommodated; and can PAAC’s be permitted to amend the terms of reference to their own requirements.
It was strongly recommended that the City employ professional administrative, secretarial and archive support for a grouping of 3 or 4 PAAC’s – DaG to investigate. DaG to establish which Code of Conduct is to apply to PAAC members.
SF commented on the trade-off between flexibility and accountability and transparency in the detailed action plan section of the EMP. The ZEMP would need to be aligned with the Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve Plan and planning process. A review was scheduled within the coming year.
GL stressed that a catchment approach is critical and JG noted that a key partner is the Sand River Catchment Forum .

7.2 Annual timetable of activities: this should be held over for the ZPAAC to fit in with existing scheduled activities of nature reserve management.

7.3: Recent pollution incident: AT responded to queries about the spill that turned water in the Keyser’s River black and had the smell of industrial oil as well as old sewage smell. A month later in March the water was dark green. JG said the spill was not oil – it smelt metallic. CG noted that in the distant past canoeists on that stretch of the Keyser’s got asphyxiated. Julia Wood tracked down the source which was thought to have been panel beating shops.
AT commented that there were so many possible explanations – pumping out old sumps, tanker dumping and that it was difficult to track. JG tracked the spill as far as KFC. Sci Serv checked and said the source was not old cooking oil. MT noted that the one-time partnership in the industrial area is no longer in existence.

Closing comments
DG expressed the considerable appreciation of the yachting community to JG for the way he and his team had managed the vlei describing it as “absolutely amazing, remarkable”.
JG thanked members of ZEMF saying that their collaboration had taken a lot of work off his shoulders. A lot was done that a single party would not have achieved.
Everybody here has been able to look at broader picture and work to single goal. He acknowledged participants from the City who have attended faithfully.

DaG- echoed comments by JG. He added that there are a lot of places where forums are not working. If we look at why this one works it is because there have been willing parties even if they have had disparate views.

Members expressed a vote of thanks to Sandra Fowkes for her chairing of the ZEMF for the last three years. Her approach had enabled a free flowing expression of ideas which, in turn, led to a constructive partnership between all stakeholders who made the effort to participate.

SF closed the meeting by thanking all the contributions that had been made over the 3 years by representatives and City staff but also by interested community members who shared their insights, experience and expertise. It had been a pleasure and a privilege to work with the group.

8. Date and focus for next ZEMF meeting

Date for first meeting of Zandvlei Protected Area Advisory Committee (ZPAAC). 
18h00 on 20 May 2015 at the IYC.

List of Attendees at the 16th Meeting of the Zandvlei Estuary Management Forum, 25 March 2015.

/ sector.
Name. Name
Rep /
Alt /
Present  - P
 Apology - A.
ZEMF Chairman. Sandra Fowkes SF Chairman P
ZEMF Vice Chair & Imperial Yacht Club Damian Gibbs DG Deputy Chair
 & Rep
Cape Bird Club Gavin Lawson GL Rep P
Cape Piscatorial Soc. Garnet Prince GP Rep A
CapeNature Pierre de Villiers PdV Rep -
CoCT (Water & Sanitation) Andy Taylor AT Rep P
CoCT Arne Purves AP Rep A
CoCT (Biodiversity)  Dalton Gibbs DaG Rep P
CoCT (Biodiversity)  Joshua Gericke JG Rep P
CoCT (Biodiversity)  Shihabbudin Khan SK Rep A
CoCT (Env Health) Muzzamiel Gamieldien MG Rep -
CoCT (Env Health) Brendon Fortuin BF Alt -
CoCT (SRCM) Candice Haskins CH Alt A
CoCT (SRCM) Martin Thompson MT Rep P
Councillor David D’Alton DA Rep A
Fishing fraternity Case Veugelers CV Observer P
Peninsula Canoe Club Ken Findlay KF Rep A
Sea Cadets David Walker DW Rep P
Zandvlei Trust John Fowkes JF Rep P

Invited Guests or Visitors.

/ sector.
Name Name
Marina resident, engineer, paddler Gordon Laing GoL
CPUT student Karin Ralph KR
Park Island Cherry Giljam CG



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