Zandvlei Trust

Report back ZEMF meeting on 20 March 2014.

CAPE Estuaries Programme: Implementation of the Estuary Management Plan (EMP) for the Zandvlei Estuary, Muizenberg, Cape Town.

The Report back meeting started soon after 18h00 as there were a number of late arrivals for the meeting. More than 50 people arrived for the meeting. The weather was warm and it was the start of a long weekend.
The Agenda is below.

Across the yacht bay, the Scouts and Guides were starting their "Tontiki weekend". They have to build a floating raft, launch it, sleep on it and prepare their meals on board. The rafts are anchoured at different points in Zandvlei and are montored by the judges to see they they comply with all the rules.

Alderman Felicity Purchase the Chairman of the meeting,
introducing the agrenda for the meeting.

Councillor Dave Dalton (in the centre) was also present. The persons with their backs
in the photo are the presenters for the meeting.

The meeting room was filling up. Brian Nicholson and Martin Thompson in the front row.

Sandra Fowkes, the Chairman of ZEMF, introducing her presentation
on the Estuary Management Forums of the Western Cape. 
She also spoke on the progress of legislation being introduced which 
will help with the legal status of Estuary Management Forums in the Metropole. 
She also recalled the processes from start, for everyone, 
to where we find ourselves today, having made a good start 
with challenges, but most of them being overcome. 
The communication channels and systems have also improved as well.

Dr David Walker introducing the Pondweed presntation. He is currently 
heading the Pondweed Task Working Group. He gave background information
on the pondweed biology. He also represents the Sea Cadets at Zandvlei.

There was reaction to the new  City of Cape Town logo on the screen.
Many do not like this logo.

Josh, about to introduce his presentation, and commenting on
the the anglers catching fish just across the bay, and how well
they were doing. An indicator that the water quality is good and
the fish are back after the 2012 setback.

Josh gave feedback on the management process and documentation which will help with the daily management and annual cycle of harvesting the weed, for the balanced needs of the waterbody and the user groups.

The general meeting consensus was that the management had dramatically improved water quality. There are still management issues which will improve with fine tuning and with future budget approvals.

Felicity stressed the point, that everyone, review the City of Cape Town advertised proposed annual budget, and feedback information quickly if they want changes to take place in their field of interest.

There was a question and answer session on the Pondweed, and then followed by a general question and answer session taken up mainly about fishing, lack of law enforcement of the bylaws related to illegal fishing, bait collection, fish removal, etc.

Pat Garratt expressed his thanks to Sandra for her Chairing the Forum so well. 

The meeting closed at about 19h40.

Agenda for 20 March 2014.

1. Welcome and purpose of the meeting. Meeting Chair:
Ald Felicity Purchase.
2. Overview of activities of ZEMF since inception in April 2012. Chair of ZEMF:
Sandra Fowkes
3. Report on Pondweed Management. Convenor Pondweed Technical Working Group: Dr David Walker and
Zandvlei Manager: Josh Gericke.
4. EMF in the rest of the
Western Cape Province.
Chair of ZEMF:
Sandra Fowkes
5. Floor open for discussion and questions.
Meeting Chair:
Ald Felicity Purchase.
6. Closure. Meeting Chair:
Ald Felicity Purchase.



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