Zandvlei Trust 

Task Team – Environmental Education.

Zerilda Park Primary School annual camp at the  
False Bay Ecology Park – Environmental Centre 

15 - 17 September 2006

Cherry reports "47 learners from the Zandvlei Nature Reserve EE Club, the Gardening Group, and the Soul Buddies were taken to the Centre on Friday afternoon. The school had fund raised the money for the camp and we 'found sponsorship' for the transport costs and 'extras' for the children. Maggie Sauls together with 2 school staff members and I were there to look after the children.

All the photographs by Cherry Giljam

Getting to know each other on Friday afternoon after arriving.

Despite unpredictable weather we had a wonderful time and for the children I can honestly say it would have been a life changing experience.
A real spooky experience was the Friday night walk to meet 'Milo' the ghost. We terrified each other.

On Saturday a highlight day was when we went to Rondevlei and Zeekoevlei to see what we could learn there.


We saw this tortoise at Rondevlei                  Everyone’s favourite - Sebastian and the snake show

A lecture in the theatre followed by the live reptile show, a walk back to ZEEP where they went paddling on the Dragon Boats and completed a ‘trail while blind folded’ then a walk back to camp. In the afternoon they completed an obstacle course and then prepared ‘concerts’ which they presented after dinner". 

“Ek isie bang nie”                                         In the lecture theatre at Rondevlei


At ZEEP we given safety instructions and learnt to paddle the Dragon boats at Zeekoevlei


Going “home” blindfolded                                        Through the Spring flowers back to camp


Food lekker food.                                                 Then we tackled the “Obstacles of Life” with team
                                                                           building exercises


More training in overcoming individual obstacles.

How are we going to get over this hurdle?

Meantime on the outside wall the mural was being completed by Ryana Johnson and her helpers.

"On Sunday – a walk in the Reserve to do some bird spotting, then time for reflection after a scrumptious lunch before we had to go home".

Goodbye – Well be back!


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